5. How to Work with Angels (Ages 6 to 10)

How to Work with Angels for children ages 6 to 10

Meeting the Angels – Angels of Guidance

Overview of Lesson for Children Ages 6 to 10

  • Archangel Gabriel is always there for you if you make the calls to him.
  • You have a special work to do in this life. Archangel Gabriel will help you to understand your work and do it.
  • Archangel Gabriel will help you organize your life and meet people who will help you do your special work.
  • You can pray to him every day.

SUGGESTED MUSIC: “Intermezzo” from Cavalleria Rusticana by Masgani is good for meditation on Archangel Gabriel. Music associated with the white ray includes drum and Indian tabla music.

CHAPTER: Angels of Guidance

MATERIALS:  Shoebox and clay or cardboard + Scissors and markers or paint

Archangel Gabriel
is your friend of light.
He is there for you
when you need him, if you will
remember to call to him!


Gabriel’s name means “God is my strength.”
He is the leader of the white angels of God’s guidance and purity. His spiritual home or retreat is near Mount Shasta, California. Mount Shasta is a beautiful snow-capped mountain in northern California.

Activity 1: Map

Find Mt. Shasta and Sacramento, California on your world map and place a white marker in between them.

Archangel Gabriel in the Bible

In the book of Luke, Archangel Gabriel comes to Mother Mary to tell her that she will be the mother of Jesus.

Activity 2: Gabriel and the Annunciation

Birth of Jesus in the manger

Get a shoe box or other small box to use for a diorama. Color it and decorate it as a simple room. Make clay or cardboard figurines of Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary.

Find Luke, Chapter 1, verses 26-33 in the Bible. Read it aloud or ask an adult to read it to you. After you have read it or heard it, you may move the figurines of Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary. 

Gabriel came to Daniel

In the book of Daniel, Archangel Gabriel
helps the prophet understand
the wisdom given to him
in his dreams and visions.


Gabriel continues to come

Muslims believe that it was Archangel Gabriel who appeared to the Prophet Muhammad and dictated the words of the Koran.

He will come to you when you pray to him.


What can I ask him for?

  • To reveal to you God’s plan and purpose for your life
  • Help to create order and discipline in your life
  • Help to bring you joy and happiness
  • Help dissolve all discouragement
  • World service – Archangel Gabriel helps to keep the peace and helps in times of disasters, especially in helping to distribute food and medical supplies.

How do I ask him to help?

  • Fiat You can ask for Archangel Gabriel’s immediate help anytime with a short prayer, using the meaning of his name: “God is my strength!”
  • Decree — You can learn this prayer to be taken to Archangel Gabriel’s retreat, or the retreat of any archangel you wish to visit:

    In the name of my own Real Self, I call to the angels to take me to the retreat of ____________.
    (Name any archangel you wish.) I ask that I be filled with the will of God and I ask _________. 
    (Ask for any blessing you desire.) I thank you and accept this done in full power!

  • Visualization – When you prepare to go to sleep, visualize the angels coming to take you to the retreat where you wish to go.
  • Daily prayers – The best way to make sure Archangel Gabriel will always be there for you is to call to him EVERY DAY.

Activity 3: Archangel Gabriel's coloring sheet

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