1. How to Work with Angels (Ages 6 to 10)

How to Work with Angels for children ages 6 to 10

10 Step Plan to Connect with Angels

Overview of Lesson 1 for Children Ages 6 to 10

      • There are angels everywhere.
      • Angels are happy to help us, but we must ask first.
      • Angels were created by God to assist us and answer our prayers.
      • There are 10 steps we can use to ask the angels to help us everyday.
      • Angels help fulfill God’s dreams for us.

SUGGESTED MUSIC ~ Classical music such as Symphony in D Minor, Panis Angelicus, by Caesar Franck

BOOK CHAPTERS 1 and 2 from How to Work with Angels by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

MATERIALS:  Paper plate + Crayons and scissors + Yellow colored paper + Yarn + Framed picture of an angel + Small piece of cloth for a child’s altar + Small heap of beans.

Angels are all around us!

Angels are everywhere!

There are millions and billions of angels! Sometimes we can see them and sometimes we cannot; but they are always there, waiting for us to ask them for their help.

Throughout this series of lessons, we will include pictures of beautiful angels by Gustave Doré, the French artist, engraver, and illustrator of more than 200 books. He lived in the 1800s.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, spiritual teacher and  author, tells how she first came to see the angels and to learn about them.

While water-skiing on the Navasink River in New Jersey when I was eighteen, I had one of my early experiences with angels. It was a beautiful day and I was headed out toward the ocean. Suddenly I realized that I had entered another dimension. I could see not thousands but millions of angels.

I saw that they were my friends, brothers and sisters, spiritual companions. I also realized that I had a calling from God and that I would be shown what to do in order to fulfill it. And I knew that I would never be alone because the angels would always be with me.

What are angels?

Rainbow of Angels

A very good question is: what are angels? Think about the sun. Sunbeams flow out from the sun and yet they are still part of the sun. Then think about God. Angels flow out from God’s heart and yet they are still part of God. It is just the same.

God made the angels to help us and to answer our prayers. In fact, answering our prayers is their reason for being. While we live in our physical bodies, God gave us a special link back to heaven through the angels. 

Because we have a spark of God inside of us, we can ask the angels to help us. As long as our requests are constructive, we can expect that the angels will be there to answer them.

Activity 1: Making a sun and sunbeams

Sunshine Burst

Take a paper plate. Color or paint it yellow. Make twelve or more three inch long sunbeams out of yellow colored paper and glue them all around the sun. You can imagine the sun is God’s light and you can make some pictures of angels riding the sunbeams. Cut them out and glue them onto the sunbeams.

Punch a hole at the top of the plate and string yarn through it. You can wear the sun around your neck or hang it on your wall.

Angels have to follow rules:

Angels are always near you; ready to whisper words of warning, guidance and encouragement to you. The angels WANT to be a part of your life. They want to help you with little problems and with big problems. But there is a rule that angels must follow.

The Angels’ Rule:

Angels cannot help you

unless you ask first.

How do I ask the angels to help me?

There are ten steps you can follow to have the angels
come closer to you and help you each and every day.

  1. Make room in your life for the angels Angels are from heaven and they like things to be beautiful and full of peace and harmony. If you want angels to come and stay near you, try to make your thoughts, feelings joyous so they will want to be with you.Talk to the angels like they are your best friends. Then listen quietly for the thoughts, and surroundings more like them. 

You can pray to the angels every day.

Activity 2: Set up your angel altar

Find a special place in your home where you can set up your favorite picture of an angel. Like altars in churches, you can have that special place where you go to make your requests to the angels. You might put it on a clean cloth and have a candle, some flowers and a favorite rock or seashell by the picture.

 2.  Pray aloud When God first created the world he said: “Let there be light!” (Speak these words loudly and firmly.) “And there was light.” God created by the power of sound and the spoken word.

You do not have to say a prayer out loud to get the angels’ attention, but it is more powerful if you do. Especially when you are at your altar, it is good to learn to say your prayers out loud, to direct God’s energy into the problems you want them to help you with.

3. Use the name of God 

How we know the name of God?

In the Bible there are wonderful stories of the prophet Moses. One day he went up the mountain to pray to God. At the top of the mountain he saw a bush burning, but it very strange, because it was not getting burned up like wood usually burns in a fire.  He heard a voice calling him from the burning bush. “Moses, Moses.”

Moses answered, “Here am I.”

God told him to take off his shoes, because the land where he stood was holy ground. Then God said, “I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” Moses was afraid and turned away, afraid to look upon God’s face.

Then God spoke to Moses and told him His name, ”I AM That I AM this is my name forever.” We can use God’s name, I AM, when we pray. Whenever you say I AM it really means “God in me is.”

Activity 3: Try saying the name of God

Try saying the name of God aloud
in this short prayer we call a fiat.
A fiat is a short, powerful affirmation.

I AM that I AM!
I AM that I AM!
I AM that I AM!

 4.  Give your prayers every day –  

The best way to get somewhere is to follow a well worn path. Every time you pray to an angel, a pathway from your heart to the angels is built. The more times you pray and send your energy to the angels, the stronger and clearer the pathway will be.

Activity 4: Creating a Path

Build a hill out of sand or dirt and pat it down. You can build it outside or in a pan in your house. Take a pitcher of water and pour it out on the top of the mountain. Watch it carve or erode a path. Keep pouring water on the same spot and you will see that the pathway gets deeper. The more times you repeat the action, the deeper the groove becomes.

 5.  Ask for help 

Remember to ask for help every time you need it! Remember the angels’ rule that you have to ask for their help. They are all around you, but unless you ask, they may not be able to help you.

A man named Michael is a mechanic. He likes to pray to the angels every day as he works and he says they help him find things and fix cars very quickly and easily. Sometimes he forgets to ask for their help. When he forgets to call to them, he will struggle with a problem for a long time. Then when he finally remembers to ask them, he finds the solution right away.

6.  Repeat your prayers 

Sometimes people wonder, why do I have to ask God more than once for something? The answer is that every time you repeat a prayer, you are giving God and his angels more of your energy to multiply and send back to you.

7.  Send your prayer to the right address –

If you see a fire, you call the firemen. If you have a broken pipe in your house, you parents call the plumber. You have to ask the right person to get the help you want.

It is like that in heaven too. There are special bands of angels that answer different kinds of prayers. Each angel band uses specific energies from God to help people. The different kinds of energy, such as protection or love or healing, correspond to colors.

In the lessons to come, you will learn about which angels to call to for each kind of prayer. And you will learn the names of the archangels, the head angels for each band of angels.

8.   Be specific 

Angels answer our prayers with great care. They are very precise. It is almost like they use a check list to help us with our needs! Many years ago, during World War II, a mother needed food for her family. She wrote a list of the food she needed and prayed to God for it. Within several hours, a man knocked at her door with a basket of food for her family. Imagine how astonished she was to open the basket and find every item she had put on her list!

9.   Visualize what you want to happen

Your prayers will be stronger if you can see a picture of what you want in your mind’s eye. For example, if someone is sick in bed, when you pray for them, see them feeling great again. If you want to pass a test or be able to do something you cannot do yet, see yourself doing it.

10.   Expect to be surprised We never know exactly how or when the angels will answer our prayers. The angels are not like Aladdin’s genie or Santa Claus. They answer all of our prayers, but not always exactly as you expect.

Sometimes we may ask for something but our soul needs to wait for it to learn some lesson. If what we ask for is not good for us, the angels may bring something else that is better for us. The angels can see these things better than we can. They understand what God’s plan for us better than we do. They always follow God’s laws.

The angels have a few more rules to follow.

More Angel Rules:

1. They help you do God’s will.

2. What you pray for always has
to be helpful to you and others.

3. It must be the right time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you do not get what you want after you have
prayed and asked, the angels may be telling you
to make some changes in your prayers and ask again.

The angels want what God
wants for you,
and that
is always the best.

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