Spiritual Life of the Unborn* 6: Parenting Tips for Prenatal Healing

What are practical parenting tips to help our baby heal and fulfill her highest potential?

Prenatal psychology and healing are important topics today with new books like Brain Rules for Baby by Dr. John Medina.
Prenatal healing starts with understanding your baby’s soul and her four lower bodies.


The four lower bodies are:
  • the etheric body (the memory)
  • the mental body (the mind)
  • the emotional body (the feelings and desires)
  • the physical body
The etheric body, also called the envelope of the soul, travels with the soul from lifetime to lifetime. The other three bodies disintegrate at the end of each life and are reformed during gestation and the formative years.
The etheric body has two parts. The higher etheric body contains the blueprint of our identity in God. The lower etheric body contains the records of our past lives.
Out of the lower etheric body will come the manifestation of karmic patterns in the mental, emotional and physical bodies.    Thus our mind, emotions and physical bodies often do not reflect the original blueprint of our soul’s identity in God–they reflect our karma.
“Everything that your child will be comes out of his etheric body. One very important prayer to give, ideally three months or more before conception, is that the soul assigned to your family receive the benefit of your violet-flame decrees for the purification of her etheric body. The importance of this specific prayer cannot be overemphasized.”  Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Since most of us have had many past lives, our etheric bodies are often very dense with records of karma we have made.  So the mental body, for example, will generally be fashioned after the mental body of the previous life and the one before that and the one before that.
Infant with bright blue eyes and a smile


By purifying the etheric body with the violet flame, souls can actually bypass these records and these burdens that limit the capacity of the three lower bodies.”

Parenting tips to help erase painful memories of a child’s past lives

After you have been giving the violet flame for some time, you may find yourself recalling glimpses of your child’s past lives. You may have a dream or an intuition about your child as he was in ages long past. Or you may just have an impression that he was in a particular time or place.

Son sitting on father's shoulders in a lakeShortly after my second son was born, my wife and I found out that he was not too fond of baths. We knew that many babies cried during baths, but our son’s reaction to baths was extreme  He would fight, scream, kick and pinch. He was clearly terrified by the water. 

Since we knew our baby had not had any traumatic experiences with water in his short life to cause such a reaction, we realized that he must have been experiencing some type of past life memory. And then my wife had a dream about his drowning. 

I think our awareness of this experience and belief in reincarnation enabled us to be more sensitive to his fear of water as he got older. He was very cautious and slow to learn how to swim, but we never pressured him. Now at ten years old he seems happy and confident in a swimming pool. The bad memories appear to be gone.


Memories of  children’s past lives are still dimly present for most children until age three or so.

They don’t necessarily understand what they are seeing or remembering. They often do not articulate it, even to their parents. They think their visions and memories of past lives are what life is all about–that we all remember who we are and where we came from.
Soul Survivor:  Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot is a riveting story written in 2009 by the parents of James Leininger, a child who had vivid past-life memories of his life in world war 2.



If you become aware of past life memories, don’t try to suppress them.  Instead, focus your attention on the light in your heart. Imagine the experience being saturated with the violet flame until the image disappears from before your inner eye. Then let go of the memory and see a bright white sun replace the image in your mind’s eye.


Practical prayers to purify the etheric body

Here are examples of prayers you can give with violet-flame decrees for yourself and your child before conception and during pregnancy.

Prenatal Prayers:

In the name of God I AM THAT I AM and according to God’s will, I call for:
  • the purification of my child’s etheric body so that his (her) mental, emotional and physical bodies will be formed according to the original blueprint of the soul
  • the transmutation of my child’s negative karma, any negative karma I may have with this child and the negative karma this child has with any member of my family
  • the transmutation of all that would oppose the fulfillment of the mission and highest potential of my child.

Prenatal visualization:

Visualize yourself and your child surrounded by violet flames, rising and pulsating around you as you decree. See these flames pass through your body, restoring wholeness. See them saturating your mind and your emotions. Then see these flames saturating the soul of your child and her etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies.




Nurturing Your Baby's Soul



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