Spiritual Life of the Unborn* 7: How to Change Your Baby’s Genes

Science points to genetics as a key factor in healthy fetal development.   Can mother and father help change the baby’s genes and chromosomes–and how do we do this?

Yes,  genetics has a strong influence on the development of the fetus.   Yet, research also shows that other influences also impact the health of our bodies and our offspring.  Take, for example, the impact of nutrition on gene expression:
Nutrigenomics: “There is an emerging field of study called nutrigenomics – word combining nutrition and genomics…. Researchers know that food does affect genes and now they are investigating the question about how food influences gene expression.”   Forever Young, Nicholas Perricone MD , 2010

What is Spiritual Heredity?

A child’s karma affects the formation of his four bodies and the genetic traits that he inherits.
“Hereditary traits represent qualities and potentials. And how they manifest is governed by the interaction of consciousness, environment, karma and the innate pattern.”  Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Exceptional talents and intelligence are the sign of many lifetimes of concentrating on a particular ability and mastering it. This is why we often see children with qualities that apparently did not come from their parents. The children bring their own heredity with them and remold themselves after their own divine image.

How Can We Change Our Child’s Heredity ?

This is an amazing concept! Hereditary traits are conveyed by the genes.  The genes are contained in threadlike structures called chromosomes, which are found in the nuclei of the cells. God has placed in the sperm and in the egg, each one contributing twenty-three chromosomes to the embryo.
The forty-six chromosomes contain the information that determines our physical attributes–everything from the color of our eyes and the texture of our hair to our stature, our body build, mentality, dexterity, thought processes and attitudes.
A normal undivided chromosome contains a single DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule known as the double helix. This molecule has a simple structure–two intertwined coils in which the genes are arranged in linear order. The coils are connected by rungs at regular intervals, creating what looks like a spiral staircase.

Impress Virtues on the DNA Molecule

A meditation you can do to purify your genes is to take a diagram of the DNA molecule and write on it the virtues and traits that you desire to see expressed in yourself and in your child.
Having a visual image of this molecule gives you the power to influence it.
As you meditate on the DNA molecule and give your violet-flame decrees, visualize the violet flame purifying and infusing that molecule with those virtuous qualities.
During both of my pregnancies, I made a meditation book for the baby with my hopes forthat child. On a picture of the DNA chain, I wrote the qualities that I wanted for them. I put color overlays on top of the pictures. For example, I used a violet overlay for the DNA chain and fetal development pictures. And I used a yellow overlay for pictures of the brain.

DNA Heart Meditation

“The three most important virtues that you want to impress upon the DNA molecule are love, wisdom and power. These are the three primary virtues of the flame of God in your heart.”  Elizabeth Clare Prophet
The color vibration that is associated with love is pink. Wisdom is yellow and power is blue. After you give your DNA molecule meditation with violet-flame decrees, you can visualize the color vibrations of these three virtues infusing that molecule.
There is no limit to what you can impress upon the DNA molecule, the genes and chromosomes if you meditate on God and imagine what the ideal man or woman is meant to be.
With my second child, I meditated upon a beautiful picture of the Golden Buddha, which I had found on a recent trip to Malaysia. Intuitively I felt that this was the essence of the child. I also felt compelled to look at and study all sorts of art books, especially those from Russian artists. When our daughter was born, she had a very round face and her eyes looked slightly oriental. She had such a presence of peacefulness about her–just like the Golden Buddha!

Your Baby’s Soul Can Blossom

Every child has locked within himself the blueprint and the resources
to fulfill his mission in life.  Whether or not the child realizes his peculiar genius and fulfills his mission depends to a large extent upon his environment in the womb and in the home.
“The  flow of love welling up in your heart can make up the difference between any possible karmic or hereditary shortcomings of your unborn child and the perfection of his or her Higher Self. That gap between potential imperfections and future attainment can be filled in with the love of your heart.”         Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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