Spiritual Life of the Unborn* 8: Meditations to Nurture the Soul

Why are meditations important for the baby’s soul?

You can transmit to your unborn baby particular talents and virtues through the science of meditation.  This is a science parents can master.

Inspiring meditations convey beauty to your baby.

  • Beauty helps form the intricate patterns of the soul.
  • Beauty reflects GOD–the Geometry of Divinity.
  • Beauty is found in inspiring nature scenes, classical art and music and geometric designs.

What are two practical pregnancy meditations?

The first type of meditation focuses on your unborn’s current stage of development while giving the heart mantras and decrees.

The second type uses classical music and art, as well as gems and nature scenes, to convey beauty and virtue to your baby.

With my second pregnancy, the desire to meditate on beautiful things was so incredibly strong that I knew it was coming from the soul of my baby. This child wanted beauty. He wanted me to focus on beauty every day. So throughout the pregnancy, I found myself looking at pictures of beautiful gardens and houses.  My husband collected pictures of beautiful houses after he was born.

As busy parents, how can we make these meditations practical and effective?    A meditation book is one of the best spirituals tools in pregnancy.

To make your own meditation book,  collect photographs of the egg and sperm, the newly fertilized egg, the embryo and the fetus at the various stages through the nine months of gestation. Pictures of the fetal heart and developing brain from their formation to birth are also useful, as well as pictures of other fetal organs, molecules, cells and parts of cells.

Place your left hand to your heart and your right hand over the photograph of the embryo or fetus at your baby’s current stage of gestation. You look at the photograph and you memorize it as best you can so you can close your eyes and still see it. And as you are visualizing the baby in your womb, you can give the heart mantras and decrees.

You can also place your hands upon the womb and use your hands as the instrument of that light and energy of love entering the child.

My pregnancy was a very busy time, and I really did not have much time to do some of the meditations I wanted to do. But I did find one that was helpful and practical. We had a rose garden at our house. Each day while driving to work with my husband  through a rather ugly warehouse district, I carried a beautiful rose and meditated on it. It transformed our commute, and I was able to have some very special meditations.

Why are heart meditations so important for the unborn baby?

The magnet in your heart that is the sacred fire that you manifest in your heart
actually determines what sort of soul you can magnetize to your temple.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Life Begets Life

Just as the baby receives physical nourishment through the umbilical cord, so he receives spiritual light from the father’s and mother’s heart flames to sustain his life. The heart flames of the parents, primarily the mother, are the sponsoring light of the baby until he is born.

  • You can use visualizations and heart mantras to direct love and light from your heart into each cell of your baby’s body before birth, while that body is being formed.

The light that you invoke helps form the baby’s physical, as well as emotional, mental and etheric bodies.

It is a good idea to also practice these meditations before conception.

What is a simple and practical heart meditation?

We begin our meditation with the heart chakra because it is the most important chakra.

Higher Self flows into your heart chakra. From the heart chakra, this light is distributed to the other six chakras.

From the chakras, the light is distributed to all the organs, cells and nerve centers in your body.


Visualize a cord of light descending from your Higher Self through the crown of your head into your heart. The light of God will be released through your heart and chakras as you give the mantras and decrees on the following pages.

Visualize the light of God’s love shining through your heart. As you say these mantras and decrees aloud, see that love as an intense fiery pink beam passing through your heart, entering the heart of your baby and then enveloping his entire body.

You can also place your left hand to your heart and your right hand over a photograph of an embryo or fetus at your baby’s current stage of gestation. Then visualize your baby in the womb as you give the following heart mantras and decrees.


Violet fire, thou love divine,

Blaze within this heart of mine!

Thou art mercy forever true,

Keep me always in tune with you.

My heart is a chakra of violet fire

My heart is the purity God desires!

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