Spiritual Life of the Unborn* 10: Sacred Music to Transform Your Baby

How does music effect the body, mind, emotions and soul of my unborn child—and how do I find the best music?

From ancient China to Egypt, from India to the golden age of Greece, we find the same belief: music has the power to contribute to the sublime evolution or the utter degradation of the

Many of the great Greek philosophers, including Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle, regarded music as indispensable to the health of the soul and influential in moral culture.

The effect of music on our emotions and desires is vast. Melodies cause a constant saga of tension and relaxation to occur within many parts of the body.

Recent research is addressing the impact of sound on the brain. Certain kinds of classical music, by composers like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, have been shown to have a range of positive effects on mental processes. These include expanding memory and speeding learning. Some believe that music can even raise IQ or change chromosomes.

What constitutes “good” or “bad” music for pregnancy meditations?

The answer is simple: good music gives life and bad music promotes death.  The effect may be subtle, but it is also cumulative–involving the life or death of cells in the body.

When you see how classical music creates beautiful patterns in particles on a plate and rock music creates chaotic patterns, and when you see plants grow toward Bach and shrivel up and die with rock, it gives pause to think.

In addition, every moment that we listen to music may be enhancing or diminishing our soul’s spiritual faculties and the life-energy in our spiritual centers, increment by increment.

Why is waltz music beneficial to the unborn baby?

Of all sounds, the maternal heart is probably the most significant sound the child hears and seems to promote calmness and security even after birth.  Studies show that babies who hear a tape recording of the maternal heartbeat after birth grow faster with fewer problems than babies without it.

The 3/4 time of waltz music is closest to the human heartbeat. Therefore, it creates a sense of harmony within us when we hear it.

Mrs. Prophet teaches that waltz music sets the patterns in the four lower bodies for the victory of man’s creative fires over his emotions by elevating his energies.

“The music establishes the pattern of self mastery through the natural upward spiraling action of the flame. These patterns – established by wise parents in the subconscious mind and memory of the child– will carry him over the morasses of life into the Aquarian Age teachings.”

What about rock music during pregnancy?

Rock music, on the other hand, is not synchronized with the human heartbeat. In fact, it creates a type of static electricity that alters the heart rate.

The syncopated beat of rock music injures the chakras. When you hear rock music, your energy descends from the crown to the base chakra. Rock music may give you a temporary thrill, but it does not give you the currents of eternal life.

Thomas Verny, MD in Secret Life of the Unborn Child points out the studies that show rock music causes babies to kick violently in the womb.  It creates a type of static electricity that alters the heart rate of the mother.

What are other recommended music choices during pregnancy?

You can play classical music such as the powerful works of Bach, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Shubert, Meyerbeer, Strauss and the Nine Symphonies of Beethoven.  Beethoven gave us one symphony per month!

Nurturing Your Baby’s Soul has a list of selected music pieces.

Don’t stop playing such music when the baby is born!  Surround her with it as she grows and it will become a part of your child’s being.

Many outstanding musicians, from Mozart to Bach, were the children of musicians.  In more modern days, both Yehudi Menuin and Arthur Rubenstin credit prenatal influences in their inclination to music.

Beethoven’s Nine Symphonies for the Nine Months of Gestation

In the splendor of his nine symphonies, Beethoven has traced steps whereby man awakens to his divine destiny and rises majestically over his lesser self to a level of self-mastery. Each of his nine symphonies depicts some aspect of this great overcoming.

You can take Beethoven’s first through ninth symphonies and use each as the emphasis for the corresponding month from conception to birth. It is very exciting to hear the
unfoldment of life through these symphonies.

“Beethoven’s ninth symphony is a transcript of what he experienced at lofty levels of consciousness. The first three movements of this colossal symphony depict the passage of the spirit ascending through the three heavens. The final choral movement sounds the exaltation theme, which sweeps the soul into the very presence of God. The symphony as a whole gives expression to the supreme realization that all life is one and immortal.”     Elizabeth Clare Prophet

As you listen to Beethoven’s symphonies, just imagine the embryo or fetus being bathed in the vibration of freedom from these symphonies. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

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*This is a series of articles based on the book Nurturing Your Baby’s Soul by Elizabeth Clare Prophet



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