Spiritual Life of the Unborn* 11 : Cultivating the Soul Senses with Right Brain Activities

Classical, beautiful music and art meditations build the intricate patterns of the baby’s soul, and stimulate the development of the soul’s spiritual senses. What are these spiritual senses of the soul and how can these be cultivated?

There are five senses of the soul that corresponds with to the five physical senses.

You can discover and nurture your soul senses through your Higher Self or Holy Christ Self.

How does the right brain nourish the soul senses?

The right brain connects to the mind of God, the Holy Christ Self and to the soul.   Through cultivating the right brain,  you can unlock inner genius because the source of all genius is God.

“The right brain is the creative brain, the brain that contacts with the mind of God, while the left brain is the logical brain, the brain that is in command of the responsibilities of the concrete world…. Your will see the balance of the right brain and the left brain… Yes, beloved, a part of you is in heaven and a part of you is on earth.”  Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Mrs. Prophet teaches that the soul senses are in place at conception, so pregnancy is the best time to start right brain activities. Many of the meditations suggested in this “Spiritual Life of the Unborn” article series help cultivate the right brain.

Neurobiology teaches us that there are two hemispheres of the brain with specific functions.

  • Nobel Prize winning research from Dr. Roger Sperry showed the brain having two hemispherees.
  • Although the brain works together, the left brain tends towards linear, verbal, logical thinking;  the right brain tends to be the center for empathy, creativity, non-verbal and social intelligence.
  • The right brain is predominant in development from conception through age three and even up to age seven.  A three year old’s brain is 90% of  an adult’s brain.

The Unique Abilities of the Right Brain

Work being done in Japan by Dr. Makoto Shichido describes the unique powers of the right brain.   He has over 300 schools in Japan where he has been working with methods to develop the right brain and has extensive anecdotal research confirming these abilities.

His work suggests that there are five unique powers if the right brain:

    • Speed reading and photographic memory
    • Rapid language acquisition
    • Computer-like calculation  
    • Perfect pitch
    • Extra sensory perception or ESP

Senses of the Soul:  A Spiritual Understanding of Right Brain Abilities

Attunement with our Higher Self or Holy Christ Self is enhanced through senses of the soul. The various aspects of ESP or extra-sensory perception are actually the senses of our soul. 

    • We have five physical senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.
    • We also have five spiritual senses: telepathy, clairvoyance, premonition, psychometry and telekinesis.

The intuitive faculty is almost like ESP and allows the unborn child to freely communicate with the mother.   Shichido and others document hundreds of cases where young children discuss with their mothers what happened before they were born.

These are senses we,  by divine right,  are to develop and use under the Christ consciousness.

Mrs. Prophet emphasizes the importance of doing protection and meditation to get in tune with the Christ Self FIRST so as to make certain there is no psychic energy involved, but only true Christ attunement.

“Children have a fantastic memory because they are in their etheric cycle until age three.  And they are living right in their memory body and they have access to the memory of God.  So don’t limit their ability to memorize.  

The first three years of a child’s life is the age when it memorizes millions and millions of facts, absorbs data about the universe, learns more in those early years than in all the lifetime put together.  So a child has the mind of God and that mind is infinite to absorb truth.”  Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Two Important Keys:

1.  If we want to activate our children’s ability to connect with their Holy Christ Self and become accustomed to this vibration, the surroundings we provide are very important.  Beautiful focuses of light lower the heavenly vibrations into the soul patterns and four lower bodies of the developing baby.

2. Our loving relationship with our children is most important in development.    Child development experts teach that a loving, a secure attachment is an essential for healthy child development.  Without a close attachment to parents, other areas of development will not flourish.

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*This is a series of articles based on the book Nurturing Your Baby’s Soul by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


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