Your Baby’s Spiritual Life 12: Prenatal Bonding and Inner Child Healing

How do parents enhance communication and healing with their inner child or soul — as well as their baby’s soul?

Communication occurs on many levels between mothers and fathers and their unborn children.

Begin a talking, loving relationship with the soul of your child-to-be, even before conception. Your child’s soul can communicate with you in many different ways ~ through dreams, intuitions or an inner voice.   Listen for that still small voice.

Teach your baby in the womb by talking to him as an intelligent and mature soul and by providing a stimulating environment. You can even give him academic or cultural lessons, if you choose.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet offers a mother’s wisdom:

Think about this. We can promote the intellectual and spiritual training of our children even before they are conceived! So as soon as I knew that I was to have a child, which was usually quite some time before the conception of that child, I was in a talking, working, loving relationship with that soul.   It’s very important that this never stop throughout life ~ that you have profound conversations with your children at all steps and stages of their lives.

Here is another story by a sensitive mother:

When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband was very opposed to my teaching her about religion or spirituality. In frustration I prayed to God for help. Suddenly I felt my baby around me closely, enveloping me in a very loving and sweet feeling. And I heard her tell me: “Don’t worry. Leave him to me. I can handle him. No problem.”

I asked her, “Who are you?” Then I saw an image of a happy, fat Buddhist monk from Thailand, a wandering barefoot mendicant wearing homespun fabric.

From birth on, my daughter sat on my lap every morning for prayers and charmed her father so thoroughly that he never interfered. In fact, he began to pray too.

My daughter is now a very sweet and sensitive young adult who feels a deep connection to Southeast Asia.

A Baby’s Psychology Develops in the Womb

How the child is affected by maternal emotion leads to a major discovery in prenatal development, written about by Dr. Thomas Verney in  The Secret Life of the Unborn Child. It is simply this:  a child begins shaping his attitudes and expectations about himself in utero.

Everything a pregnant woman does or feels affects her unborn baby. Many firsthand stories of mothers verify this exquisite sensitivity. Babies kick a lot more when the mother is upset or in a disturbing situation, and they calm down dramatically when things are quieter and happier.

When the relationship between the mother and the father is loving and harmonious, it is a great comfort to the unborn baby.

Prepare for Parenting ~ Heal Your Soul, Your Inner Child

Your soul is sensitive, intuitive, and can be wounded.  This aspect of your soul is your “inner child.”

Tending the needs of your soul or inner child with sensitivity and kindness is the first step in training to be a mother or father.

According to your ability to deal gently and compassionately with your own soul, so will God entrust you with a precious child ”   Elizabeth Clare Prophet

TIPS for Healing Your Inner Child

1. Remember:  You are loved perfectly by the Father-Mother God.  Take periods of time along to meditate on your heart and soul ~ feel the comfort that you were created in the love of the Father-Mother God.

2. Inner wholeness with the Father-Mother God is a path that begins with resolving our relationships with our own fathers and mothers. Practice forgiveness.

3. Spiritual Tools:  Use a spiritual practice such as A Child’s Rosary, Krishna Meditations and Violet Flame ~ to send into childhood memories, hereditary traits and past-life records.

4. For repetitive issues of anger or depression with yourself, your parents or children, seek counseling with a trained therapist who understands the spiritual path