Spiritual Life of the Unborn* 5: Parenting Tips to Increase Your Baby’s Potential

How can parents help their baby reach her highest potential?

 Understanding how to reach the baby’s highest potential starts with learning about the soul and karma.  The baby in the womb is a soul.  The soul carries records of karma from lifetime to lifetime, including both positive and negative patterns of thinking and feeling.  These patterns create a certain human psychology which can interfere with the soul fulfilling her mission.   When we understand this, a parent’s spiritual work to help transmute the negative karmic patterns of the unborn child is a profound service of love!
“Life in the womb can be molded.  All things are subject to intense transmutation in the womb–transmutation as change you can see second by second in the pulsation of the cells. Universes are being born in every cell, and you can project into those universes the full gathered momentum of dynamic decrees.” — Elizabeth Clare Prophet,  Life Begets Life

What are key parenting tips to assist the balancing of karma for the soul while in the womb?


Parents  can use the great healing power of the violet flame for the transmutation of their  baby’s karma even before the soul is born.

The violet flame will enable you to balance karma with your child even before he joins your family.

“The soul of your child will receive the most benefit if you give violet-flame decrees for her before birth.”

What is the violet flame?

  • Highest frequency spiritual energy
  • Transmutes or changes energy into a higher form.   Alchemists who attempted to transmute base metals into gold used the term transmutation.  The real purpose of alchemical transmutation was spiritual transformation.
  • Transforms negative energy into positive energy
  • Consumes elements of your karma so that you can realize the gold of your Higher Self
  • Penetrates atoms, cells and electrons—and brings healing
  • A flame of mercy, joy, forgiveness and freedom

How does violet flame impact my baby’s karma? 

As you use the violet flame, it is important to know that karma is precise—you cannot do it all for your child. You work with the child’s Holy Christ Self and adjust your prayers to God’s will. Your child can receive a measure of God’s light through you as you desire to pass on spiritual qualities and to help transmute his negative karma. 

But it’s simply not possible to transmute all of it. Nor is it always possible to erase or correct undesirable hereditary traits. There are certain conditions of karma that must be worked out by the soul in physical ways. And these conditions are part of that soul’s mission in life.

Have you ever wondered why one baby is born with a beautiful, healthy body and another is weak or deformed? What has a baby with physical problems done in his short life to deserve the body he was given? Naturally, that baby has done nothing in his life to deserve his physical problems. 

He may be balancing karma made in a previous life. However, it may not be because of karma at all.  Sometimes a soul will volunteer before birth to be born with chromosome problems or other deformities or infirmities of the body in order to fulfill a specific purpose for God.


The law of karma and reincarnation enables us to better understand and to accept these seeming injustices in life. We can be comforted to know that the law of karma is precise.

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