Spiritual Life of the Unborn 3: The Soul’s Work in Pregnancy

Can a soul be near the parents even before conception?  When does the soul connect to the baby’s body?

Yes, the soul can be near parents before conception—and sometimes years before.

One mother describes feeling “a soul hovering nearby, “the feeling is like when you are in a room and you sense someone has just walked in the room and then you turn around and see the person…it’s like a physical pressing in of someone you know is a part of you!”

During pregnancy, from the moment of conception, the child’s soul is an active participant in forming the body she is to inhabit to fulfill her mission in life.

The child in the womb—and the soul who is already a part of that body—has consciousness, has awareness of its mother and father, and looks forward to being born and fulfilling its mission in life.

The soul is in the baby’s body during gestation and, although it may come and go, it is intimately connected to the developing body.  The integration of the soul with the developing body is a complex process.

When we understand the continuity of the soul, the baby in the womb is a mature soul having complex thoughts and deep feelings.  Only the body is undeveloped.  The baby’s body, the greatest miracle of God’s gift of love to man and woman, is a new house that the soul will enter and integrate with during the period from conception to birth.

The soul begins to weave itself as part of the fabric of the developing body in the womb—a unique soul, a unique DNA, a unique potential.

“The overriding presence of the soul is magnificent to behold. And to me, the most special part of pregnancy is the communion with the soul for whom the body temple is being prepared.” Mrs. Prophet

The process of integration of the soul with the body AND the soul with the Higher Self or Christ Self continues after birth.   The Christ consciousness gradually integrates into that temple, increment by increment, year by year.

The integration of the soul with the body and the soul with the Higher Self takes place from the moment of conception—continuing throughout adulthood.

Spiritual childbirth: What happens to the soul in childbirth?

At the moment of birth (the timing of which is integral to the soul’s mission), the soul comes down the spiritual birth canal, which is like a large funnel. You can think of this spiritual birth canal as a descending spiral from God. It comes right down to the place where the baby’s physical body is prepared.

Mrs. Prophet relates a story about her late husband Mark Prophet who told her that he remembered his birth, which was on Christmas Eve 1918. He remembered coming over the little town where his mother was in labor and watching his father cross the bridge to go home to be with her. And he remembered coming down in a vortex of light and actually entering his physical body.

The soul is fully integrated with the body at the moment of birth, and a curtain of forgetfulness is drawn over the memory body of the soul at that time. The soul then no longer has full memory of her preexistence in the heaven-world or in past lives.

The soul has this tremendous potential of selfhood and the entire momentum of the causal body and its previous lifetimes of achievements and misuses of energy. But mercifully, the soul does not have to remember it all  God gives us the gift of the clean white page as fresh opportunity.

When the child comes out and the umbilical cord is not yet cut, the baby can be placed on the mother’s belly and can also be nursed while the cord is still attached.  During that period the child is making the adjustment from having been nourished and having lived off of the threefold flame of the mother during that nine-month period.

At this precise moment of birth when the child breathes the breath of life from the Holy Spirit, the baby’s threefold flame is ignited.  Now the heart is beating no longer as a subsidiary of the mother’s heart, but on its own heartbeat connected by the crystal cord to the I AM Presence.  From this time on there are cycles of the infilling of the child with greater and greater light and greater awareness.

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