Sacred Journey of the Soul – to Fulfill Destiny

Spiritual Life of the Unborn Series – Article 1

I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant.  My friend told me that my baby has a soul.  What is the soul?  How did this particular soul come to our family?

The soul’s journey is the story of how life begets life.   A long, long time ago in the heart of God your soul’s life began.

With the spark of God, your soul was created.   This soul is your life essence.

We can think of the soul as a glistening, transparent sphere that has been evolving for a very long time—she did not just begin in the womb.

Your soul has been on a long journey.  Through different lifetimes, her work is to heal and integrate with her Real Self and to fulfill her divine destiny.

She comes to a particular family for specific lessons.   See article 2 in this series on families and reincarnation.

Parents can experience their child’s unique soul identity — sometimes long before conception.

Before conception I had an inner experience of seeing my daughter in a past embodiment. She was a Tibetan monk in an orange-colored robe sitting cross-legged. (I later learned that Tibetan monks do wear orange robes and sit cross-legged to recite their chants.) After seeing this, I thought my child was going to be a boy, but she was a little girl! She is now two years old and looks Tibetan–with a round head, dark eyes and dark skin.  She also has a very self-reliant character. The first time she heard Buddhist chants at about seven months of age, she stopped what she was doing, listened and swayed back and forth. It was as if she remembered doing this from her Tibetan life.

How you care for your soul effects how you care for your children

A key part of wise parenting is to tend the needs of your soul with sensitivity and kindness.  As you treat your own soul, so will you treat your children.  This is because your soul represents the child who lives inside you. Psychologists call this aspect of the soul “the inner child.”

According to your ability to deal gently and compassionately with your own soul, so will God entrust you with a precious child.

Whether you are contemplating having your first child or your eighth, understanding the psychology of your soul is essential because negative parent-child interactions often represent areas of unresolved psychology—sometimes from this or a past life.

Healing this psychology can be difficult and painful work.  Strides can be gained with the help of good resources and/or a trained therapist who understands the spiritual path. The soul respects a professional who is qualified to provide this guidance and amazing, and relatively swift healing can occur.

The soul is wise and knows her mission

Many people today have an inner sense of karma.   Every soul who is prepared for rebirth—during life before life—is charged with that sense of completing unfinished business.

Before birth, the soul has full conscious awareness of who she is, what she has accomplished in past lives and what her mission is to make the greatest spiritual progress.   The mission is very specific to each soul.  The soul can choose whether or not to fulfill that mission.

One of the most riveting stories about a soul charged with completing unfinished business is the 2009 book and documentary Soul Survivor:  Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot (see end of article for links).  Written by the parents of James Leininger (who did not believe in reincarnation at first),  it is the account of James’ vivid  past-life memories  in World War II.

Sometimes the soul will convey her specific needs in unique ways and parents may find themselves intuitively drawn to things they had no interest in before.

During my second pregnancy, I devoured books about Eastern saints. I had never been particularly interested in them before. When my daughter was born, she looked Eastern, with small, fine-boned feature).  From a young age, she has been very altruistic. Once she told me that she wanted to marry someone rich so she could give toys to poor children.

In my first pregnancy, I was possessed with crossword puzzles.  I would do them every spare moment.  I had my husband buy big books of crossword puzzles for me.  I’ve never had an interest in crossword puzzles.  Now my child is eight years old, and from an early age she was very verbal and articulate.  Maybe the crossword puzzles helped!

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