Reincarnation and Families in the Spiritual Life of Children

How does a soul come to a family? Do mothers and fathers always have karma with their children—and how can the karma be balanced? In looking at children’s past lives,  there are a number of reasons why souls are assigned to specific families. Sometimes a child is assigned to a family because one or both parents have good karma with the soul of that child. Sometimes it’s because something needs to be resolved between the parents and the child or between the child and his siblings from relationships in past lives. And sometimes it’s a little of both—a little good karma and a little nonresolution.

I’ve had children I’ve really welcomed back, children I knew I had been with for many lifetimes. And then I’ve had children who were more like strangers to me. You can definitely feel the difference.

For more on families, karma and reincarnation, see Mrs. Prophet’s Family Designs seminar for the new age family.

The Whole Family:  Good karma brings families together

Mrs. Prophet tells the story of knowing a family in Colorado in which all the family members had a common mission involving music. The father and mother played stringed instruments, and there were seven or eight children in this family. Every child, including the one-year-old, played the violin. The reason all these children could play violin so well and at such an early age was because their souls had developed this talent in previous lives. These souls were attracted to this husband and wife and to their family because they had a family group karma that was a good karma. Sometimes the same souls in a family group evolve through changing relationships in different lives. These souls are given many opportunities to be together, either to face the challenges of negative karmic ties or to fulfill a specific purpose. The more karmic debts we balance, the less likely we are to have children who come to our families because of negative karmic ties.  Balancing karma with your child’s soul is a joy, and is done by the loving care you give that child and by heartfelt prayer.

Spiritual journey for adopted children

How does reincarnation and karma work with adopted children?  What is the karma with their biological and adoptive parents?

I knew a couple who couldn’t have children, so they decided to adopt.  They were told it would take six to twelve months to get a child. After eight months of waiting, the husband woke one night and said to his wife, “I know it!  Our baby has been born.”  This was a man who typically did not have these kinds of experiences.  The next morning, the agency called to tell them that their baby had been born.

Life Before Life:  Children’s past lives and adoption.

The fascinating studies of Dr. Helen Wambach, a clinical psychologist and regression therapy expert who pioneered past-life and prenatal research beginning in the mid-1960’s, give a glimpse into the spiritual life of the unborn child and the continuity of the soul.    In her book Life Before Life, most of Dr. Wambach’s subjects who were adopted as children said that they had not known their biological mother or father in a past life—but they did have karmic ties with the adoptive parents. Dr. Wambach says: “The karmic ties with the adoptive parents were most interesting. Some of them knew before they were born of the relationship they would have with the adoptive parents, and felt that they would not be able to come to them as their own genetic child but chose the method of adoption as a way to reach their parents.” She concluded from her research that chance and accident apparently play no part in adoption. (As a word of warning:  Those of you interested in reincarnation and past-lives accounts may come across books utilizing regression hypnosis.    Hypnosis, even when done with the best of intentions, is not recommended for those on a spiritual path. It can make us spiritually vulnerable.  It can open us to the subconscious and unconscious of the practitioner, as well as prematurely uncover records of events from past lives that we are not ready to deal with.) The karma of the biological parents may necessitate that they give birth to a certain child so the child can get to his real parents. And, if the birth of that child is not a necessity of karma, it is a service that the biological parents can perform to enable that soul to fulfill her mission.   What a wonderful message of hope to young women!

Adoption angels help connect children to their families

In the adoptive family community, you will hear story after story of the amazing ways children get to their families. Here is a special one:

After trying for many years, my husband and I were unable to have children.  While pursuing healing from the infertility problems, I had a magnificent dream.  I saw an image of a couple in North America connected by an arc of light to a baby in South America.  Then an image of a beautiful angel appeared.  In her hands was a large, light blue banner with the words “Adoption Angel” written on it.  Several years later, we adopted our precious child from Latin America.

Regardless of whether the parents are biological or adoptive, what is important in our families is that our karma be balanced and that the rough edges of our relationships be smoothed.

Can parents balance the negative karma with a child before birth?

Yes!  A life that is devout and consecrated to spiritual preparation for parenting becomes a magnet in your heart. And it is this magnet of love and devotion in your heart that can determine what kind of soul you will attract to your family as your child. When you ask God and spiritually prepare yourselves for an advanced soul, you will be amazed how God responds. For example, you may be karmically obligated to give birth to someone you injured, neglected or even killed in a previous life.  Your dedication to spiritual practices and a commitment to a greater cause may enable you to balance your karma with that soul many times over. Thus by the grace of God, you may be relieved of the obligation to bear that soul and instead be given a soul you have less karma with. If you are asking for a soul with exceptional talents, tell God what commitments you are willing to make for the sake of that child–for instance, giving daily prayers, seeking the best possible education, maintaining harmony in the home, and so forth. Then once you make a commitment, be sure you fulfill it. The next articles will offer practical parenting tips to bring out your baby’s potential, starting with transforming negative heredity — ground-breaking teaching you will not want to miss! Next Articles: Spiritual Life of the Unborn 3: The Soul’s Work in Pregnancy Spiritual Life of the Unborn 4: Conception,  Sex and Spirituality Links & Resources Listen to Family Designs for the Golden Age MP3 by Elizabeth Clare Prophet for the new age family.

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