5. Your Seven Energy Centers (6 to 10) – Lesson 5

The Heart Energy Center

Overview of Lesson 5 for Children Ages 6 to 10

We will be learning about the energy center of the heart.

  • The heart is the most important energy center.
  • When we meditate and think about God, we always begin by thinking about our heart center.
  • The energy that comes through our hearts is love.
  • Many people in the world have done wonderful, loving things.
  • Love means loving not only people that are like us, but also people who are different from us.
  • We have all lived in many bodies on earth many times, in many places on earth.
  • Every minute of every day, God gives his energy to us and we decide how to use it.

SUGGESTED MUSIC: Harp music, such as: Bridget Cruise/Jon O’Connor/George Brabazon
Celtic Treasure: The Legacy of Turlough O’Carolan , Narada Collection Series.

CHAPTER: Fourth Energy Center: Heart Become Love in Action


  • Coloring sheet of the heart energy center (included at the end of this lesson for your child to color, cut out and place on the outline of his body)
  • Crayons and colored pencils
  • Non-toxic glue

The heart is the most important energy center in our body. Let’s look at it very carefully.

What color is it? Pink.

How many petals does it have? Let’s count them together?  Twelve.

When you meditate and think about God, it is important to always begin in your own heart. Imagine that you are actually going into your heart. There is a special little part of your heart, called the Secret Chamber of the Heart, where your God flame was put when you were born. Let’s close our eyes and see if we can see the little flames of pink, blue and yellow in our hearts. Pause and allow children time to see themselves in their hearts.

The energy that comes through your heart is love. It can be soft and gentle, like when we see someone crying and we go over and help them feel better with a kind word or a pat on the back. It can also be strong, like the love of our mothers and fathers when they are ready to protect us and make sure we do the right thing because they love us so much.

Can you think of some examples of love? Invite children to discuss this. You might wish to collect some pictures that demonstrate love in various ways, and use them to stimulate discussion.

Activity 1: Ball of Love

Get a soft ball or bean bag, (ideal if it is pink). Hold it close to your heart and charge it with your love. Dear God, fill this ball with the love from my heart, so when all my family and friends catch it, they will feel my love.

Toss it to your child and ask him to silently or aloud charge it with his or her love and toss it back to you or to the next child, and so forth.

Heroes of Love

Let’s talk about some heroes of love in our world. There are many people in our world who have done wonderful, loving things. One person who was especially kind and loving was Mother Teresa. Do you know who she was? She was a small woman from Eastern Europe who went to India to serve God and his people.

She decided to help the poorest people she could find – men and women who had no homes and who lived on the street and were very sick. She took care of them, and over many years of doing this, she opened many hospitals and schools for poor children. Mother Teresa once said, “We do no great things. We do only small things with great love.” What do you think that means?

Can you think of some other heroes of love? Allow children to share.

Here is another story of someone named Karen, who loved much, in one small action. Her story comes from a book called “Wash Each Other’s Feet.”

Karen’s youth group visited a nursing home for elderly people on the first Sunday of each month. When they got to the nursing home they invited the residents to come to the main hall for a game of bingo. It was Karen’s first visit and she felt unsure of herself in an unfamiliar situation. She tried to move to the back of the room where no one would notice her. But Karen backed right into a man in a wheelchair. Startled, she turned around to find a friendly face.

He introduced himself as Wayne. Karen introduced herself and the two began to talk. Wayne loved to tell stories and soon Karen was having a good time. After they had visited awhile, Wayne asked Karen if she would please wheel him outside so he could enjoy the sunshine and the gentle breeze. She agreed and they continued to talk.

Karen did not know how much time had passed and was surprised to see her friends getting ready to leave. They saw Karen and gathered around her and her new friend Wayne. After Karen and Wayne told one another how much they had enjoyed the visit, Wayne hesitantly asked if there was one more thing she might do before she left.

“You name it Wayne.” Karen was surprised by what Wayne wanted. He asked her to take off his socks. Karen was glad to help so she leaned down and began to take off his socks. Wayne told her that his feet hurt and he wanted to feel the sun and the breeze on them. Karen gently tried to pull off Wayne’s socks but found they were very tight and seemed to be catching on his skin somehow. She continued with care as she tenderly tried not to hurt her new friend, but Wayne winced in pain. Karen stopped and apologized, but he begged with her to continue.

Nothing could prepare Karen her for what she saw. Wayne had blistering, open sores all over his feet. The young people standing around watching were speechless. Karen took off Wayne’s other sock, even more cautiously now that she understood the severity of his condition.

Once she got both socks off, Wayne let out a sigh of relief. He looked at Karen with grateful eyes and whispered, “Thank you, no one here will touch my feet; they tell me they are too disgusting.” Karen carefully took the part of Wayne’s feet where there were no open sores and held them in her warm hands. She looked Wayne in the eyes and said, “Never have I seen more beautiful feet.” Wayne chuckled and told her she desperately needed to get her eyes checked!

Karen got up and went to hug Wayne goodbye when he drew her in close and whispered, “Thank you angel. I have been praying you would come.” With tears in her eyes Karen said goodbye to Wayne and promised to visit again soon.

On the way home some of the young people asked if Karen had been grossed out by Wayne’s feet. She thought about it and answered, “Some of us are wounded on the outside for everyone to see; some of us are wounded on the inside. My insides looked like Wayne’s outside. I took away the cloth that was keeping him from experiencing the breeze of touch, and he took away my fear and insecurity allowing me to feel the breeze of the Holy Spirit’s touch on my heart.”  

Optional Activity: Pictures and Stories

There are many excellent children’s books that show children from all over the world. These are perfect extensions to this lesson.

Love and Differences

People come in all sizes and shapes and colors. People we meet may be different ages. Some are like us and some are very different from us. Do you remember when we talked about the fact that each and every one of us is uniquely different? No two of us are exactly alike. We are all God’s children, no matter what we look like. Each one of us needs love.


Have you ever met someone and right away you knew you liked them or didn’t like them? Have you ever wondered why that happens?

We have all lived in many bodies on earth so many times. This is called re-embodiment or reincarnation. In each lifetime we have had a family and friends and we had both good and bad experiences. Even though we may not remember what happened, we still have certain recognition of people and habits we seem to be born with.

When we have the sense that we already know someone and have immediate feelings of like or dislike before we even know them, it is probably because we have known them before. Maybe they were a relative or a good friend. Maybe they were unkind to us and we never forgave them, or maybe we were unkind to them and we know deep down that we would like to make it up to them!

It is always a good thing to ask God to help us send love to every person we meet and to pray to forgive them for anything they may have done to hurt us or anything we did to hurt them. In our last lessons we did the affirmation prayer, I AM Forgiveness. Let’s say it again.


I am forgiveness acting here
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free,
With wings of cosmic victory!
I AM calling forth violet fire,
To blaze and transmute all desire.
Keeping on in freedom’s name,

‘Till I AM one with the violet flame

Stop and ask yourself each day, when you are playing and talking to your parents or your teachers or friends:

  • Am I being loving and kind or am I being naughty and unkind?

  • Are the things I am doing with my friends loving and kind, or are they naughty?

Sometimes we have to say no to our friends as well as to our own ideas. We have to decide for ourselves if things we might do or say are right or wrong.

Remember, every minute of every day, God gives us energy in our heart chakra, and we decide whether to be loving and kind or naughty and unkind with it. Close your eyes and see your heart chakra a beautiful rose pink, fill of love and kindness.

Activity 2: Drama

Drama, if you have two or more children present.

Let’s have a little play. One child may pretend to be a child who is mad at her mommy, and wants to stomp on the flowers in mother’s garden. This child wants a friend to do it too. The angry child tells the friend what he or she wants the other to do. The other child pretends to be the friend and tries to convince the friend not to do it.


Our lesson has been about our heart and learning to love more. Your job
this week is to do as many loving and kind things as you can think of, and
to come back next week and tell us about one of them.

Activity 3: Review Activity

Questions for an energy center quiz. Children love to be quizzed, because they love to show you that they know the
answers. Fun repetition of simple games leads to mastery of knowledge. If your child is a reader, let him ask you the questions first. This is a powerful way to review the facts before he takes his turn.

DOWNLOAD the Heart Card Game

Activity 4: Color Drawing

Draw, paint or color the heart energy center
and cut out and mount on your body outline.

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