4. Karma and Reincarnation – Lesson 4

Karma and Reincarnation Lessons

Karmic Traps for Ages 3 to 6

Overview of Lesson - Pages 109 to 136

      • It is God’s plan that we focus on our current life.
      • We can change our karma.
      • God tests us — not everything in our lives is karma.
      • The purpose of karma and reincarnation is so that we can pass all our tests and ascend back to God.

SUGGESTED MUSIC: You can use any well-known classical pieces that you and your child enjoy.

BOOK SECTIONS: Chapter 3, pages 109 – 136,  Karma and Reincarnation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


      • Rock tumbler and some interesting rocks
      • Paper, glue and sand or glitter
      • Measuring cup, 2 identical glasses, food coloring
      • Paper, drawing or painting supplies
      • I AM Presence Chart

LESSON: Why Don’t I Remember
All My Past Lives?

Have you remembered any of your past life experiences? (Pause and let child respond)

There is a very good reason that most of us do not remember all of our past lives. We would probably get very confused if we remembered everything that had ever happened to us in hundreds of lives!

In the last lesson we told some stories of children and adults who remembered past lives. Many people do not remember any past lives and that is fine too. When you do remember another life, it is because there is something special you have to learn from that life.

You have free will

You can become whatever you want to be. Let’s say for example that you want to be a great singer, or a great ball player. But, you do not yet know how to sing well or play well. You can take lessons. You can practice every day. With your free will you can decide what you want to do and you can do it!

Activity 1: One thing you want to learn to do

Think of one new thing you want to learn
to do and that your parents
agree you can learn.
Find someone to teach you.

LESSON: Tests of Karma

Rainbow of Angels
Rainbow of Angels

Have you ever seen a diamond before it was polished? It looks like an ordinary rough crystal. But when the rock is heated and polished, it goes from being a hard chunk of crystal to a beautiful shining diamond that looks like this:

Polishing your rough edges

We are a little bit like diamonds before they are polished. We are what some people call “diamonds in the rough”. Maybe you are supposed to make your bed and you run off to play before you have it made, even when you know better. That is like a rough edge. If one day you make your bed before anyone asks you, that is like you have polished off a rough edge!

Sometimes we try to avoid doing something that is hard to do. Maybe there is something at school that you really do not like to do. You always try to get out of doing it and get mad if anyone asks you to do it. One day, you decide to ask for help and suddenly, you are learning. You just polished another rough edge!

Activity 2: Rocks Polishing

Collect some rocks and put them in a rock tumbler.
See how shiny and beautiful they become.

The goal of life is the ascension

Some day you will have polished off many rough edges and worked on your karma. You will have done everything God asked you to do and you will want to go back home to heaven. Going back home to God is called the ascension.

You can make your ascension

There are certain things you must do before you return home to heaven. God gave you a divine plan with a mission and certain jobs you must finish. Only then will it be time to go back to God. When you have completed your tasks and balanced your karma, then you can ascend back to God’s heart and your heavenly home.

Chart of Your Divine Self

Do you remember this picture from Lesson Two? It shows you in your soul in your body in the lower figure, with your Holy Christ Self in the middle figure and your Mighty I AM Presence above that. In the ascension, you as your soul rises up from the lower figure to the middle figure of your Holy Christ Self, to become one with the top figure of your own God flame, your beloved Mighty I AM Presence.

The light in your heart starts spinning and up you go to God in a great spiral of light!

Activity 3: Tracing a spiral

Draw a spiral for your child to trace.
Your child can put glue on it and
then drop sand, beans or glitter on it.
As your child traces it,
from the center to the periphery,
she is experiencing the movement of energy.

Activity 4: Making the chart of your divine self

Draw or paint a picture
of your own Divine Self.

Review of Main Points

  • It is God’s plan that we focus on our current life.
  • We can change our karma.
  • God tests us — not everything in our lives is karma.
  • The purpose of karma and reincarnation is so that we can pass all our tests and ascend back to God.

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