3. Karma and Reincarnation – Lesson 3

Karma and Reincarnation Lessons

Karmic Threads for Ages 3 to 6

Overview of Lesson - Pages 63 to 107

      • Threads of our good and bad karma make us who and what we are today.
      • Karma draws us to those we have to learn from, like a magnet attracts paperclips.
      • There is personal and group karma.
      • God gives us second chances when we make mistakes.
      • Spiritual beings help us prepare before each life.
      • We meet our karma in our family, but our karma is what we have made it.

SUGGESTED MUSIC: You can use any well-known classical pieces that you and your child enjoy.

BOOK SECTIONS: Chapter 2, pages 63 – 107,  Karma and Reincarnation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


      • Weaving loom and loops for making pot holders
      • Magnet, a bowl of sand and paper clips
      • Balloon and felt tip pen

LESSON: Karmic Threads

This lesson is called “Karmic Threads.” We saw in the last chapter how these threads of things we did before bring us talent and good fortune or they can bring us challenges we have to overcome. It is the way God’s kingdom works!

The people and places in our life are like these beautiful colored threads.

We can use these threads to weave new creations. All of these threads will take us back to God’s heart, where we came from, and where we will return. 

Activity 1: Weaving

(Any simple kit for making pot holders will work)

As your child weaves you can talk about how
each person’s life is made up of the threads
of many different experiences,
thoughts and feelings from former lives.

LESSON: When Karma Returns

Rainbow of Angels
Rainbow of Angels

What we are today and what happens in our lives is because of things we have done in the past, both good and bad. Tomorrow is going to be a result of the things we say and do now. If someone is unkind to us and we forgive them, time will come when someone is loving and kind to us and forgives our errors.

Karma is like a magnet

Do you know why karma is like a magnet? (Pause and let child respond). Karma draws to us the people we have loved before in other lifetimes, so that we can share the good fortune we have created. It also brings to us the people we need to learn from and who need to learn from us. This is our personal karma.

Activity 2: Magnetic Attraction

Fill a medium-sized bowl with sand.
Bury magnetic objects such as paperclips,
nails and other steel or iron objects in the sand
before your child sees the activity.
Shake the bowl, then take a strong magnet and
sweep it across the sand to find the magnetic objects.

Our karma is like this action of the magnet of our soul finding all of the people that we need to learn from in this life. We do not always know who or where they are, but they find us, just like the magnet found the paperclips!

Give love

But when someone is hurt, whether it is their karma or not, we can help them and comfort them. Giving love is one of the ways we can help each other.

Good karma

There was once a family that had seven children. They were all very good musicians. They had all learned to make music in previous lives, and because of their love, they came together as a happy family that loved to make music together.


Where were you before you were born?

Have you ever wondered where you were before you were born?

(Pause and let child respond)

Many people have had memories of the heaven world where they lived before they were born. It is a beautiful place, with beautiful lakes, glistening crystal cities and filled with beings of great light.

In this heavenly place there is no pain and knowledge flows freely. There are great libraries and places to study the laws of life. Many souls remember that they studied all about the universe and the heavens.

They remember meeting with beings of light who helped them understand what they had done in their lives before and what they were going to do in this life. This group of beings, called the Karmic Board, shows us the family we will be born into and the person we will marry.

They show us the parts of life where we have had problems and the people we had the problems with, and will meet again in this life.

Activity 3: Showing Gratitude

Right now you can say “thank you”
to your parents and whoever cares for you.
You can say “thank you” to your teachers.
Think of some way you can make
or do something to say thank you.

Family Karma

Sometimes our family is where we meet the greatest karma. That karma can be very good and at times it can be difficult. Sometimes we are born into a family because we have a mission to do together. We may have skills, like the musician family that we can share, or we all may be studying God’s teachings together.

Maybe you have a special talent as an artist. The Lords of Karma may help you be born into a family of artists so they could help you develop your skill. Those skills you have are because of what you achieved through your own hard work in past lives. Your good karma brought you to people who would help you.

But sometimes, we are together because we have to learn to be kind. There may be something we must give to the others in our family. God always puts us exactly where our soul needs to be.

Parents who want to serve life

Sometimes parents have certain children simply because they want to serve life. One family had a baby with many health problems. This child came to them, not because of any bad karma, but because they loved him so much. The parents had helped this same soul thousands of years ago when they all lived on Atlantis and now they could help him once again.


Some children are adopted because their parents for some reason cannot take care of them. In some cases of souls who they say that they remember that adoption was part of the plan. They had to find a way to get to the very special parents they were supposed to have, but who could not have children of their own.

Children who are adopted are very fortunate, since their parents chose them to love them and take care for them!


You are fortunate to be here on earth. We live at a time when there are some souls in heaven who want to come to earth, but there are not enough parents who want to have them. You have a body that you can use. You have a family that loves and cares for you. You have the opportunity to learn about the laws of God.

Activity 4: Showing Gratitude to God

But most important of all — you can say “Thank you” to God!
Blow up a large balloon.
With a felt tip marker, write or draw a “thank you”message to God.
Release the balloon and watch it rise.

Review of Main Points

  • Threads of our good and bad karma make us who and what we are today.
  • Karma draws us to those we have to learn from, like a magnet attracts paperclips.
  • There is personal and group karma.
  • God gives us second chances when we make mistakes.
  • Spiritual beings help us prepare before each life.
  • We meet our karma in our family, but our karma is what we have made it.

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