1. Karma and Reincarnation – Lesson 1

Karma and Reincarnation Lessons

Karmic Truth for Ages 3 to 6

Overview of Lesson 1 - Pages 1-32

      • All of life lives in cycles, including man.
      • Reincarnation is the process of man being born many times to learn the laws of life.
      • Karma is the law of the return to us of what we have sent out.
      • Karma is God’s love helping our souls learn though experience.
      • Jesus taught about reincarnation.

SUGGESTED MUSIC: Since this lesson mentions Mozart, his music is preferable. The harp is associated with the energy center of the heart, so harp music is also recommended. You can also use the largo movement of any well-known classical piece.

BOOK SECTIONS: 1 through 6 from chapter 1 Karma and Reincarnation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


      • Magazines or family photographs
      • Materials to plant seeds
      • Paper and colored pencils, crayons or paints
      • Children’s book about Blind Bartimaeus (optional)

LESSON: Cycles of Life

Year after year, all over the world, the seasons change. They never stop. Most of us have spring and then summer. It cools off into fall and then comes winter. In tropical parts of the world there are only two seasons: wet and dry.

Another change we see is that every person is born and grows up, from childhood to adulthood to old age. Can you remember when you were little?

LESSON: Cycles of Life

We get older every year just like animals. We see flowers and vegetables mature that we grow in our gardens. It is the way of life. Everything has a cycle of growth.

When we walk on the beach sometimes we find beautiful sea shells. Seashells come in many shapes and sizes, but each was once the home of a little creature. When the creature grows too large for the shell, it leaves that shell and grows a new one. This is another way we can see the beautiful cycles of life.

Activity 1: Collecting Pictures

Give your child several magazines or a stack of family pictures
and together find pictures of babies, children, teens, adults and older adults.
Have your child line them up in order from youngest to oldest.

Activity 2: Planting

Let’s plants some flowers. First we plant some seeds. If you water them and they get the right amount of sun, your plants will grow into little seedlings. From there they grow tall and strong and depending on the kind of seeds you planted into flowers. 

A most interesting thing about plants is that when they die, they leave a seed that can be planted again. The life of the plant never really ends, it just changes.

Plant some seeds. Your child may wish to decorate the plant pot first. Care for it by frequent watering and observations.


Rainbow of Angels

We all have lived many times before. In each new life you are born in a little baby body. You grow up and use your body to live your life. At some point you grow old and leave that body, like the sea creature leaves his shell. Then you get ready to come back again in a new body so you can finish the work God has given you to do. This is called reincarnation. Our souls reincarnate hundreds and even thousands of times.

God loves you so much he wants you to return home to Him someday. But He has given you many lifetimes to learn the lessons of life and to give the great gifts of your own light and love. He has given you your mommy and daddy to love you and take care of you in this life.


Jesus taught a great law of life, called the law of the circle or the law of karma. He said: “Whatsoever a man sow, that shall he also reap.” The word “sow” means to plant.

If you plant daisies, daisies will grow. Roses will not grow. If you plant beans, beans will grow, not flowers. If you plant a thorn bush, thorns will grow that can prick you.

Jesus teaches us that what we send out in energy comes back to us. If you spend the energy God gives you doing kind things, kind things will come to you. On the other hand, if you spend your energy in selfish and unkind actions, those will come to you as well.

What happens to you is often because of things you have said or done to other people. Some of these situations occurred in other lifetimes that you cannot even remember. Sometimes it may have happened just a few minutes ago!

A Little Boy’s Experience of Karma

One mother told the story of her little boy. He had done something very naughty and was mean to his sister. He pushed her down and she skinned her knee. Then he went off to play with his friends. Next thing you know, he fell down and hurt his own knee!

He came in to tell his mother. He said, “Mommy! I hurt my sister and then I got my karma back!” She listened to him and explained that she was glad he understood that what he did was wrong and asked him to apologize to his sister. She knew he had already learned his lesson.Have you ever thought about this when something happened to you?(Pause and let children reflect and respond)

The law of karma is the law of love. God loves you so much He wants you to learn from what happens to you so you will not make the same mistake again.

A Bible Story of Reincarnation

The Bible tells us another story about reincarnation. One day Jesus and his disciples saw a man who was blind from birth. His disciples asked Jesus whether he had sinned or whether his parents had sinned to make him blind at birth. How could he have sinned before birth unless he had had another lifetime?

Jesus explained that in this case, neither his parents nor he had sinned to cause the blindness but that he was born blind for a divine purpose. This man had volunteered to be born blind so that Jesus could heal him and show how great the works of God are.

Activity 3: Blind Bartemaeus

Read the children’s story about Blind Bartemaeus, if available.

Mozart’s Story of Karma

A little boy named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born into a family in Austria a long time ago. Austria is a beautiful, mountainous country in Europe.

Picture of AustriaA village on a lake in Austria

Wolfgang’s father was a musician and there was music in their house all the time. By the time Wolfgang was four, he could play the harpsichord, the violin and the organ. By the time he was five he was composing his own music.

People were amazed. When he was six his father began to take him around the country so he could play his beautiful music for people. They loved it! He even played for royalty. By the time he was thirteen Mozart was composing many kinds of music. People wondered about how a little boy could have so much musical talent and ability.

The law of karma explains it. In a former life, Mozart had studied music and became an expert. Then he was born into a family of musicians so his musical ability would be immediately recognized and nurtured.

Picture of Mozart

Activity 4: Listen to Mozart Music

Out of all the composers, Mozart
is considered one of the best.
He wrote hundreds of pieces of music
that people all over the world enjoy.
Try listening to some of it.

Activity 5: Thank God for Your Good Karma

Draw a picture of all of the good things in your life: your family, your pets, your house, your favorite toys and the things you like to do.

Say a prayer or offer your picture to God to thank Him for all of these good things you have in your life. They have come from your good karma and God’s love for you.

Review of Main Points

    • All of life lives in cycles, including man.
    • Reincarnation is the process of man being born many times to learn the laws of life.
    • Karma is the law of the return to us of what we have sent out.
    • Karma is God’s love helping our souls learn though experience.
    • Jesus taught about reincarnation.

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