4. How to Work with Angels – Lesson 4

10 Step Plan for working with Angels

Meeting the Angels – Angels of Love

Overview of Lesson 4 for Children Ages 3 to 6

  • Archangel Chamuel is always there for you
    if you make the calls to him.
  • He will help you learn to be more loving and kind.
  • Archangel Chamuel says: “We will do anything you ask as long as it is lawful for us to do in the sight of God.”
  • You can pray to him every day.

SUGGESTED MUSIC:  Harp music is associated with the heart. Play soothing music as you are preparing and begin your lesson. You may also wish to play it during brief meditations.

CHAPTER: Angels of Love

MATERIALS: Pink colored paper and scissors

Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel
is your friend of light.
He is there for you
when you need him.

Remember to call to him!

Chamuel’s name means
“He who sees God.”
He is the leader of the
pink angels of God’s love.

Angels of Love

The angels of love like to come and help us figure out little daily problems and to make our lives run more smoothly. They especially like to come and help people learn to get along better, whether they are in families, classrooms or in entire countries. They help people learn to listen to each other better.

If you get into a fight with someone at school or in your family, call to Archangel Chamuel and the angels of love to help you solve the problems!

Activity 1: Make New Friends

There is a song that reminds us that new friends are great,
but our old friends are important too. It goes like this:

Make new friends,
but keep the old,
One is silver and
the other gold.

Plan an activity with someone who is already your friend.

You may also wish to plan an activity you can do with a new friend.


What can I ask him for?

    • Help us understand each other
    • Help to make new friends
      and get along with old friends
    • Help to find objects you have lost  – You can make the simple prayer: “Angels, please help me find __________.” Suddenly you will get an idea of where to look.
    • Help you feel more love, kindness and mercy
    • Help to dissolve feelings of dislike or criticism
    • World service – Archangel Chamuel helps to heal problems between nations and racial groups.
Rainbow of Angels

How do I ask him to help?

  • Prayer – You can ask for Archangel Chamuel’s immediate help anytime with a short prayer

In the name of God, I AM THAT I AM,
in the name of Archangel Chamuel:
Be gone forces of anti-love!  

  • Prayer –You can learn this prayer “
    As a Rose Unfolding Fair” by heart:

As a rose unfolding fair

Wafts her fragrance on the air,

I pour forth to God devotion,

One now with the Cosmic Ocean.

  • Visualization – Each time you give the prayer “As a Rose Unfolding Fair” place your hands over your heart and feel the love expanding in your heart.

  • Daily prayers – The best way to make sure Archangel Chamuel will always be there for you is to pray to him EVERY DAY.

Activity 2: Chamuel's Hearts of Light

  • Make some little heart shapes.

  • Place them around your house where family members will find them as little surprises.

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