3. How to Work with Angels – Lesson 3

10 Step Plan for working with Angels

Meeting the Angels – Angels of Illumination

Overview of Lesson 3 for Children Ages 3 to 6

  • There are angels everywhere.
  • Angels are happy to help us, but we must ask first.
  • Angels were created by God to help us and answer our prayers.
  • There are 10 steps we can use to ask the angels to help us everyday.
  • Angels help fulfill God’s dreams for us.

SUGGESTED MUSIC: Music for the yellow ray of Archangel Jophiel uses the stringed instruments.

CHAPTER: Angels of Illumination

MATERIALS: Drawing or painting materials, calendar, gold star stickers.

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel is your
friend of light. He is there
for you when you need him.
Remember to call to him!

Jophiel’s name means “beauty of God”. He is the leader of the golden yellow angels of illumination and the mind of God. His spiritual home or retreat is near Lanchow, north central China.

Great Wall, China

Sunshine Burst

Sometimes you get a new idea, 
and it is like a light bulb goes
off in your head. Many
of these ideas come from
Archangel Jophiel and his angels.

Activity 1: New Ideas

Say a prayer to Archangel
Jophiel then draw a picture
of whatever new idea
comes to your mind.

Archangel Jophiel can
help you learn many new
things. He and his angels
will help you learn to use
more of your brain!

What can I ask him for?

  • Studying for and passing tests – Always pray to Archangel Jophiel as you get ready for a test. He can help you study and remember what you need to know!
  • Helping you learn new information – Archangel Jophiel helps you learn new information.
  • Helping you to connect to your higher self – Archangel Jophiel wants to help you connect more closely with your Higher Self.
  • Help us overcome bad habits – Sometimes children do things that are not good for them, like having tantrums, telling a lie or blaming other children for things that go wrong. Archangel Jophiel helps you be free from doing the things you know you should not do.
  • World service – Archangel Jophiel helps people see when leaders in the governments, in big companies or other places are doing the wrong things. Jophiel and his angels have ideas for cleaning up our planet and overcoming pollution.

How do I ask him to help?

  • Fiat – You can ask Archangel Jophiel to quickly help you anytime with a short prayer, Angels bright from heaven’s height, charge my being and mind with light!   

  • Prayer – You can learn this prayer “O Flame of Light, Bright and Gold” by heart:

O flame of light, bright and gold,
O flame most wondrous to behold,
I AM in every brain cell shining,
I AM God’s wisdom all divining,
Ceaseless fount of Illumination flaming,
I AM, I AM, I AM Illumination!


Each time you give the prayer, “O Flame of Light, Bright and Gold”, you can see your head surrounded with God’s golden yellow light.

Imagine Archangel Jophiel’s angels flooding your body
and all around you in all directions with this lovely light.
As you breathe this light in, you are breathing in new ideas.
Anything that makes you feel discouraged is dissolved
by this beautiful golden light.

Daily prayers 

The best way to make sure Archangel Jophiel will always be there for you is to pray to him EVERY DAY.

Activity 2: Prayers for your family

  • Every day for nine days, say a prayer before you go to bed to Archangel Jophiel.
  • Ask him to send ideas to each member of your family about how to live more happily.
  • After you say the prayer, put a gold star on the calendar for the day.

Activity 3: Archangel Jophiel's Coloring Sheet

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