4. Karma and Reincarnation – 6 to 10 – Lesson 4

Karma and Reincarnation Lessons for Children Ages 6 to 10

Karmic Traps for Ages 6 to 10

Overview of Lesson - Pages 109 to 136

      • God wants us to concentrate on our current life
      • We can change our karma.
      • God tests us — not everything in our lives is karma.
      • The purpose of karma and reincarnation is so that we can pass all our tests and ascend back to God.

SUGGESTED MUSIC: You can use any well-known classical pieces that you and your child enjoy.

BOOK SECTIONS: Chapter 3, pages 109 – 136,  Karma and Reincarnation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


      • Rock tumbler and some interesting rocks
      • Paper, glue and sand or glitter
      • Paper, drawing or painting supplies
      • Chart of Your Divine Self Chart

LESSON: Why Don’t I Remember
All My Past Lives?

There is a very good reason that most of us do not remember all of our past lives. Do you know what it might be? (Pause and let child respond) We would feel weighed down and probably get very confused if we remembered everything that had ever happened to us in hundreds and maybe thousands of lives!

In the last lesson we told some stories of children and adults who remembered past lives. When a person does remember another life, it is because there is something special that person my have to learn from that life. We have many lessons to learn from our lives today. The best thing to do is keep our attention focused on what we have to do in this life.

You have free will

Whatever you are is your karma. Whatever you may want to be but are not is also your karma. The best thing about is, is that you can change it! Let’s say for example that you want to be a great singer, or a great ball player. But, you do not sing well or play well. You can take lessons. You can practice every day. With your free will you can decide what you want to do and do it.

Activity 1: One thing you want to learn to do

Think of one new thing you want to learn
to do and that your parents
agree you can learn.
Find someone to teach you.
Keep a chart of practicing every day.

LESSON: Tests of Karma

Rainbow of Angels
Rainbow of Angels

Have you ever seen a diamond before it was polished?  If you have ever been to a barbeque you may have seen the chunks of charcoal that we use to start the fire. They are black and hard. Carbon, the substance that diamonds are made from looks like charcoal, only much, much harder.

Once the carbon has been heated and polished, it looks beautiful, like this:

Polishing your rough edges

We are a little bit like the carbon. We are “diamonds in the rough.” Maybe your mother asks you nicely to make your bed and you growl at her. That unpleasant growling is like a rough edge. If she asks you every single day, finally you get up one day and make your bed before she even asks. You have polished off a rough edge!

Or perhaps there is someone you do not like very well but this person is a friend of your parents at your church. You have to see this person every weekend. You are not very nice to that person. One day he or she does something very nice for you and you realize it would be very easy to be nice. You just polished off another rough edge!

Sometimes we try to avoid doing something that is difficult for us. Maybe there is something at school that you really do not like to do. You always try to get out of doing it and get mad if anyone asks you to do it. Yet the challenge never really goes away. So one day, you ask for help and find that you really can learn it. You just polished another rough edge! Do you think this experience helped you? Why? (Pause and let child reflect and respond

Activity 2: Rocks Polishing

Collect some rocks and put them in a rock tumbler.
See how shiny and beautiful they become.

Why would a little baby die?

One little girl was born with many problems that made it impossible for her body to live very long. Her name was Catherine. The doctors said she might only live a few minutes. But she surprised everyone and she lived 70 days (just a little over two months and one week.) Her mother and father and older sister, Diedre, were very sad when she died.

The mama wanted another baby and soon another little girl was born. This little girl was healthy and strong. When she was almost two years old, she told her big sister. “I had tiny fingers and then I died.” A few weeks later she told her family, “When my name was Catherine, Diedre held me.”

Why do you think this happened to Catherine?
Pause and let child reflect
and respond

The little child Catherine had very difficult karma from another lifetime. Her mother and father loved her soul so very much, that they offered to let her be their child, even though she would die after a short time, so that she could finish that karma. She would also teach her mother and father many lessons. When the karma was complete, she could be born again into a healthy body.

Her mother said, “I believe Catherine came to teach us about love, determination and courage… She helped me to trust God more, to love more selflessly and to be more compassionate.” Her mother learned that she could help another soul balance her karma.

Is every bad thing that happens to us our karma?

Jesus was persecuted by the Romans. He had already balanced almost all of his karma, but he had volunteered to go through the entire crucifixion and the resurrection to show mankind the path. It was not his karma to be crucified.

In the Bible we can read about Job and the many trials that came to him. They were not his karma. He was being tested. Would he continue to love God even if everything he loved was taken away? It must have been a very difficult time for Job, but he never tuned away from God. He passed his test and finally all that had been taken from him was returned.

Sometimes bad things happen to people because they are offering a sacrifice to God. There was a great teacher in India named Ramakrishna. He died of cancer. The sickness was not his own karma, but he offered to carry the karma of others by having the sickness in his own body.

We can never judge someone because they are having a bad time. Only God knows why it is happening to them. It may be their karma or it may be their great love is helping others.


Activity 3: Making a spiral

You can make your spiral out of many different things.
Form a large spiral on a sheet of paper out of glue,
drawing from a center point to the edge of the paper.

The goal of life is the ascension

Sometimes it seems like life just goes on and on, like the Earth spinning on its axis. Our soul may not always be sure of its mission. We are not supposed to keep going round and round — but around and up — in a spiral!

Requirements to make the ascension

There are certain tasks each of us must do before we return home to heaven. Do you know what they are? (Pause and let child respond) God gave you and me a divine plan, some specific tasks we must complete on Earth. When you have completed your tasks and balanced 51% of your karma, then you can go back to God’s heart forever in the ritual of the ascension.

Chart of Your Divine Self

Have Chart of Your Divine Self in front of you or picture of chart from this lesson. Point to chart as you say the following:

In the ascension, you rise up from the lower figure of your soul and the middle figure of your Holy Christ Self, to become one with the top figure of your own God flame, the Mighty I AM Presence.


Do you know what 51% means? (Pause and let child respond) One day, if God gives you 1 cup of energy and you use it by being kind, you have made 1 cup of good karma. IF you take that energy and use it in unkindness, you have made 1 cup of karma. If you take just a little over half of the next cup of energy you get and use it with kindness, you have balanced 51% of that karma.

Now imagine all of the energy God has ever given you, every day or this and all of your lifetimes. Your job is to balance 51% of all of that, through kindness and service to others. When you have done that, you may choose to ascend back to God, or you may decide to stay longer and balance 100% – every bit of your karma.

All of the energy you have ever used in loving kindness, in service, in wisdom and healing is there in the rings around your Mighty I AM Presence. These rings are called the causal body and we sometimes also call it your “treasure house in heaven”.

Activity 4: Measuring

Get two equal size containers. Measure out 1 cup of water and add a few drops of food coloring. Pour it into one of your glasses. Measure out ½ cup of water, add a few drops of food coloring and pour it into the second glass. See the difference between one cup and ½ cup.

Say a prayer to make wise choices and add a little bit more water to your ½ cup. Imagine that is what you have used well to make good karma. That is your 51% to help you get to heaven in your ascension!

Activity 5: Making the chart of your divine self

Draw or paint a picture
of your own Divine Self.

Review of Main Points

  • God wants us to concentrate on our current life.
  • We can change our karma.
  • God tests us — not everything in our lives is karma.
  • The purpose of karma and reincarnation is so that we can pass all our tests and ascend back to God.

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