3. Karma and Reincarnation – 6 to 10 – Lesson 3

Karma and Reincarnation Lessons for Children Ages 6 to 10

Karmic Threads for Ages 6 to 10

Overview of Lesson Pages 63-107

      • Threads of our good and bad karma make us who and what we are today.
      • Karma draws us to those we have to learn from, like a magnet attracts paperclips.
      • There is personal and group karma.
      • God gives us second chances when we make mistakes.
      • Spiritual beings help us prepare before each life.
      • We meet our karma in our family, but our karma is what we have made it.

SUGGESTED MUSIC: You can use any well-known classical pieces that you and your child enjoy.

BOOK SECTIONS: Chapter 2, pages 63 – 107,  Karma and Reincarnation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


      • Weaving loom and loops for making pot holders
      • Magnet, a bowl of sand and paper clips
      • Computer with Internet access

LESSON: Karmic Threads

This chapter is called “Karmic Threads.” We saw in the last chapter how these threads bring us talent and good fortune and they can bring us challenges we have to overcome. It is the way God’s kingdom works! Our karma brings us to the families our souls need, the body we have, the interests we have and the careers we follow.

The threads of experiences of our souls through many lifetimes are what make up our life now.

We can use these threads to weave new parts of our self. All of these threads will take us back to God’s heart, where we came from, and where we will return.

Activity 1: Weaving

(Any simple kit for making pot holders will work.)

As your child weaves you can talk about how
each person’s life is made up of the threads
of many different experiences,
thoughts and feelings from former lives.

LESSON: We Are Our Karma

Gautama Buddha taught that if we want to know the past, we look at today. If we want to know our future, we look at today. This means that what we are today and what happens in our lives is because of things we have done in the past, both good and bad. Tomorrow is going to be a result of the things we say and do now.

If someone is unkind to us and we forgive them, a time will come when someone else is kind to us and forgives our errors.

Do you know what age a person is when personal karma begins to return? (Pause and let child respond)

Karma comes at age 12

Age twelve is usually the time when a person’s karma begins to return to them. It is good to learn about karma and what to do about it when it comes to us. Some souls, before they are born, ask God for their karma to start returning even before age twelve. It is not a good idea to do this for ourselves when we are little. By waiting until twelve, it gives you the chance to grow up and learn about right and wrong, about values to live by and how to use God’s energy that flows into you each and every moment of every day.

The most important thing we can do when our karma begins to return is to thank God for sending us exactly what we need, when we need it. If the karma is difficult, we can ask for forgiveness. Some time, some place we have made mistakes and poor choices about how to use God’s energy. When that energy cycles back to us, it can make us feel unhappy, sick or upset. You can give special prayers to change the energy of negative karma to more positive. Those prayers include your own favorite prayers or affirmations and may also include visualizations and prayers to the violet flame.

LESSON: Karma Is Like a Magnet

Rainbow of Angels
Rainbow of Angels

Karma is like a magnet. Can you explain how karma is like a magnet? (Pause and let child respond) It draws to us those conditions and those people we need to learn from and who need to learn from us. It also draws to us those people we have loved before so that we can share the good fortune we have created. This is our personal karma.

Our karma is like this action of the magnet of our soul finding all of the people that we need to learn from in this life. We do not always know who or where they are, but they find us, just like the magnet found the paperclips!

There is another kind of karma, called group karma. For example, a group of people are the leaders of a town and they let something bad happen. They were responsible and could have stopped it but did not. In another life these people might live in the same block when a tornado rips through and they lose their homes. This was the karma they made together and received together, even if they do not know each other in this life.

Activity 2: Magnetic Attraction

Fill a medium-sized bowl with sand.
Bury paperclips, nails and other magnetic objects
in the sand before your child sees the activity.
Shake the bowl, then take a strong magnet and
sweep it across the sand to find the magnetic objects.


It is important that we do not get hard-hearted and think that if something bad happens to someone they deserve it because of their karma. That may be true. But when someone is hurt, whether it is their karma or not, we can help them and comfort them. We can always offer loving-kindness. This is how we learn compassion, and learn to help each other. When we are hurting and some of our karma comes back, we need people to help us get through it too.

Of course, it works the other way too. Sometimes people have good group karma, such as one family that had seven children. They were all excellent musicians. They had all learned music in previous lives, and because of their love, they came together as a happy family that loved to make music together.

Making Big Mistakes – the Story of Two Souls in Two Lifetimes

Sometimes a soul makes a very serious mistake. So what happens then? A very long time ago, in the 1100s, King Henry II of England made a serious mistake. He had given his very good friend, Thomas Beckett, a very high office in the government. Henry then appointed him to a very high office in the church as archbishop of Canterbury.

Thomas Beckett did not want both jobs because he knew that there might be problems trying to do his best in two different jobs. Henry II insisted. As soon as Beckett took the church job as archbishop, he resigned his government job. Serving God came first. He became a quiet, simple priest.

Henry was angry and threatened to put Beckett in prison or force him to resign from being archbishop. Beckett felt he was doing God’s will and refused. He left England and lived in France for six years.

While he was gone, Henry had the archbishop of York crown his son. By the laws of the church, it was the archbishop pf Canterbury’s job to crown a new king. Thomas Beckett, who was still in charge of the English church even though he was living in France, removed the archbishop of York from the church.

Henry backed down and invited Beckett to return to England, to great cheering from the people. But before long, Henry II got angry with Beckett and said to his men, “What disloyal cowards do I have in my court, that not one will rid me of this lowborn priest.” He was asking someone to kill Beckett. Four barons heard him and murdered Archbishop Thomas Beckett in Canterbury Cathedral. Beckett’s last words were,”For the name of Jesus and the defense of the church, I embrace death.”

Four hundred years later, in the 1500s, Henry II had another chance to do the right thing with the soul of Beckett. This time he was reborn as Henry VIII, another king of England. The soul of Thomas Beckett came back again as another Thomas. This time he was Thomas More. Again the two men were friends and once again Henry appointed Thomas More as chancellor of England.

Again they disagreed, still over the same issue of the power of the church vs. power of the government. Henry asked More to do something he believed was against the laws of God and the principles of the church. Thomas refused to do what the king asked because he felt it was not the right thing to do. King Henry VIII put Thomas in the Tower of London and then on trial. Then, once again, he had him killed. Thomas More’s last words were that he died”the king’s good servant, but God’s first.” Henry killed Thomas because Thomas put God first and not the king’s wishes.

Sir Thomas More

Henry never worked out his karma with Beckett/More in these two lives. The king never forgave Thomas Beckett and he never forgave Thomas More for doing what they believed to be the right thing. Do you know which ascended master had both of these lives, Thomas More and Thomas Beckett? (Pause and let child respond — El Morya!)

Activity 3: Computer Search

Find London and Canterbury on a map of England.
Look up Canterbury Cathedral and the Tower of London
on the Internet or in an encyclopedia.
Maybe some day you will get the opportunity to visit them!


Where were you before
you were born?

Have you ever wondered
where you were
before you were born?

(Pause and let child respond)

Many people have actually had memories of where they were. It may be a beautiful place, with beautiful lakes, glistening crystal cities and filled with beings of great light.

It was a place where there is no pain and where knowledge flows freely.

Many people remember visiting great libraries and places to study the laws of life of the universe.

They remember meeting with beings of light who helped them understand what they had done in their lives before and what they were going to have to accomplish in this life. This group of beings, called the Karmic Board, shows us the family we will be born into and the people we will marry.

They show us the areas of life where we have had problems and with whom we had the problems. They show us what karmic accounts we have to settle with people and what kinds of opportunities will come our way.

We see that our lives are going to be what our souls need to make spiritual progress, not necessarily what we want. It is what we may call our “karmic script.” Do you know what a script is? (Pause and let child respond) A script is the words you have to memorize to be in a play.

One person recalls his meeting with the Karmic Board to prepare for birth. There are people I didn’t treat too well in my last life, and I have to go back to the Earth plane again and work off that debt. This time if they hurt me in return, I’m going to forgive them because all I really want to do is to go home.(Home means the heart of God where we originally came from.)

Family Karma

Our family; our parents, our brothers and sisters, and later the person we marry and the children we have, is often where we meet the greatest karma. That karma can be very good and loving. Sometimes it can be difficult.

Sometimes we are born into a family because we have a mission to do together. We may have skills, like the musician family that we can share, or we all may be studying God’s teachings together.

Maybe you have a special talent as an artist. The Lords of Karma may help you be born into a family of artists so they could help you develop your skill. Those skills you have are because of what you learned through your hard work in past lives. Your good karma brought you to people who would help you.

But sometimes we are together because we have to learn to be kind. There may be something we must give to the others in our family. God puts us exactly where our soul needs to be!

Sometimes people blame their family for whatever is wrong in their life. This is not fair. You are what you are because of you, not them! The family is like a river the soul flows through.

Parents who love to serve

Sometimes parents have certain children simply because they want to serve life. One family had a baby with mental defects. Edgar Cayce told the parents that this child had turned its back on others who were disturbed in their minds and bodies and in this life. The parents agreed to have him so they could teach him to love and to take care of others.

Another family had a baby with Down Syndrome. This child came to them, not because of any bad karma, but because they loved him so much. They had helped this same soul thousands of years ago when they all lived on Atlantis, and now this family could help him once again.

Some children are adopted because their parents for some reason cannot take care of them. In many cases of souls remembering before they were born, they tell that adoption was part of the plan. They had to find a way to get to the very special parents they were supposed to have, but who could not have children of their own.

Children who are adopted are very lucky, since their parents chose them to love them and take care for them!


You are fortunate to be here on earth to work out your karma. There are some souls in heaven who want to come to earth, but there are not enough parents who want to have them. You have a body that you can use. You have a family that loves and cares for you. You have the opportunity to learn about the laws of God.


Activity 4: Showing Gratitude

Right now you can say “thank you”
to your parents and whoever cares for you.
You can say “thank you” to your teachers.
But most important of all — you can say
“Thank you” to God!

Think of something you can make or do
to show your gratitude to the ones you love.

Review of Main Points

  • Threads of our good and bad karma make us who and what we are today.
  • Karma draws us to those we have to learn from, like a magnet attracts paperclips.
  • There is personal and group karma.
  • God gives us second chances when we make mistakes.
  • Spiritual beings help us prepare ourselves to reembody before each life.
  • We meet our karma in our family, but our karma is what we have made it.

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