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For PreTeens and Teens Ages 10 to 18 – Your Seven Energy Centers

Lesson 8, “The Crown Energy Center”

~Overiew ~


Crown Energy Center


Your Crown
The energy center at the top of your head is called the crown. It is the point of thinking and meditation. It is the point where you can connect with the wisdom of God.

You are a spiritual being and a spark of God’s mind is in you. You can learn about the secrets of your real self and of the universe by connecting with the divine through the energy center of the crown.


You have probably seen the light of the crown chakra depicted in pictures of the saints and Buddhas who have a halo or a circle of light around their heads. The halo is the radiation of God’s pure light energy shining out from the crown chakra. You also have this when you are connected with the divine.




Wisdom and compassion are linked together. After Gautama Buddha meditated and attained enlightenment and before he could share with others the wisdom he had gathered, the temptress Mara tried to convince him to return to nirvana. There was no use sharing his experience, said Mara because no one would understand it. But Gautama did not turn back. He simply responded, "Some will understand."His compassion to free life from suffering inspired his search for enlightenment.


In one way or another we are all called to share the enlightenment that we have received along life’s path. The wisdom we glean from our higher intelligence, from the universities of the world, or even from the school of hard knocks is a gift. Out of our compassion for others we are compelled to share that gift–whether we use it to help family members or friends, develop a computer program that will help others learn new skills, or heal the sick.


The famous Cambridge cosmologist Stephen Hawking tells us, "There is no prescribed route to follow to arrive at a new idea. You have to make the intuitive leap." Buddha says the process of arriving at new ideas is by awaking to the higher mind. It is by meditating and connecting with God through the crown that you can receive these higher impulses and ideas, even solutions to many of life’s problems.


Bill’s story illustrates this point. A computer programmer, Bill says that sometimes the programs he writes are so complicated he hits a mental block. Sometimes I think, this is beyond my expertise. I just can’t do it. But if I can become centered and put myself in a position of being a chalice for God to work through, then from some place in cosmos–I don’t know where–a thought comes into my head that wasn’t there before. It tells me to look at a certain thing. Then that leads to something else, that leads to something else–and I arrive at the answer. But in order to get there, I have to get rid of the feeling of being inadequate to the task and open up. Tapping into our own higher intelligence can give us the answers we can’t find anywhere else.


Teenage girl playing the violin
What contribution do you want to make in your life?

Do you have any ideas of what your contribution might be?

If tapping into higher consciousness is the key to creating that bigger idea of your life plan, you can do so through prayer, meditation or reading scriptures from many of the great world religions.


If you develop a consistent habit of meditation or prayer, you can sustain an abiding sense of oneness with spirit while you walk the earth. You can experiment to find what works best to help you connect with your higher self. And when you do, you will be able to recognize that spirit within everyone.


It is important to take time for meditation–to commune with God. At the level of the crown, in our personal communion with God, we realize that there is only God. There are not two–you and I. There are not two–you and God. There is only one. There is only your real Self with a capital S. The rest is illusion. This is the mystery that the mystics and adepts have unlocked. You may not have thought of yourself as a mystic, but when you begin to meditate on the energy center in your crown, you may begin to experience a new sense of self, a new realization of these timeless truths.


When our souls do not follow the natural inclination toward union with God, the yearning for that union becomes a loneliness that even the greatest human relationships cannot fill. Because we are spiritual beings, we are constantly looking for that connection with the divine, whether we know it or not.


It is at the level of your crown
that you can perceive
your glorious oneness with God.