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For PreTeens and Teens Ages 10 to 18 – Your Seven Energy Centers

Lesson 7, “The Third Eye Energy Center”

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third-eye energy center
The Third Eye Energy Center

Your Third Eye

Your third eye energy center is located at the center of the brow. Here you can experience God as concentration when you focus and visualize through the mind’s eye. This is the energy center connected with spiritual and physical vision.

Through your third eye, you are intended to see God’s creation as he sees it — pure and perfect. Here you can use the science of the immaculate conceptto visualize and help to bring forth the best in yourself and in others. That means you choose to see things as God sees them.


Cyclopea, beholder of perfection


This energy center connects you to flashes of insight, genius and originality that can help you fulfill your personal mission. By concentration upon the third eye, many people have seen or tapped into new discoveries or inventions. Our insights and our intuition come to us through our third eye when we are in tune with our higher divine self.


If you become what you put your attention on, what would that be? What do you concentrate on most of the time?


When you stay close to God and put your attention on Him, you can access the pure power of your third eye. This helps to give you a clear perspective on your life. You can image the best outcome. You tune into what should be instead of what may be happening now, and you have the discrimination to know the reality of a situation. Sometimes God puts a picture in your mind’s eye of what he wants for you.


Many people can visualize very well. Some however, cannot. If you cannot visualize, know that it is something that you can learn to do through practice. A good way to practice is by looking at the Chart of Your Divine Self. This shows us the image of God in us — each one of us individually. After you have gazed at it for as long as you like, close your eyes again and see it in your mind’s eye. Practice trying to see it any time you think of it during the days to come.


Chart of Your Divine Self
Chart of Your Divine Self


One of America’s most successful and best-known financiers followed the habit of closing his eyes for two or three minutes before making a decision. When asked why he did this, he replied, "With my eyes closed, I am able to draw upon a source of superior intelligence." You can do the same.


You can help your friends by using the light of your third eye when a friend has a problem. You can ask God to give you the vision of her overcoming that problem and being successful, rather than focusing on the negative things about the situation. Consider this story:


Juan and Zach were friends. Zach was really popular and started to feel that he was better than everyone else. His friends didn’t like this and refused to hang out with him anymore. Juan knew that Zach was really a good guy at heart and had somehow gotten the wrong idea about himself.


Teen with list


Juan asked God to help Zach see himself as he really was, the kind and caring friend. Juan also closed his eyes and spent time envisioning Zach the way he really was — kind and generous. Juan decided not to believe and give energy to the negative image. He expected Zach to be kind. And guess what? Zack responded to Juan’s image of him and became positive and generous again. This is the power of the third eye — to envision the best and highest of people, and be patient while it happens.


That is called holding the immaculate concept.Immaculate means pure. God holds this vision for you, and you can do it for others. It is very powerful and really can help people rise up out of bad situations or when they make mistakes.


Holding a negative image of people or criticizing them is a way that we misuse the energy of the third eye. This can be hurtful for the other person as well as for you. It is always better to think and pray and expect good things for that other person, even if they are not showing it. Isn’t that what Jesus or Gautama Buddha would do?