10-18 Lesson 6 – Page 2


Questions for Thought and Discussion:


1. What do you do if someone hurts you with his words?


2. Do you use words to hurt others? What could you do instead?


3. Do you exaggerate or engage in idle chatter?


4. Discuss how you feel when you are around people who are speaking with positive, uplifting words compared with how you feel when you are around people who are swearing and using condemning words?

ACTIVITY 1: Thoughtforms of Word
Draw some thought forms of words you regularly say. In other words, think of a word and imagine what its energy pattern might look like.


ACTIVITY 2: Spiritual Tools

When we encounter new teaching like this, it is a good idea to do something about it. You can say prayers that burn up the darkness of misuses of throat energy and turn it into light. Mantras and prayers from many of the great world religions have been used for this purpose.


You can begin to overcome habits of misuse of the throat by taking a look at the Chart of Your Divine Self to remind yourself who you really are.


Picture of your divine self

This chart shows you the three

major sections
or aspects of yourself.


Lower figure surrounded by violet fire

The person in the violet fire is your soul evolving on Earth.


Holy Christ Self

In the middle is your Holy Christ Self


I Am Presence

and the top figure
represents your highest self,

your I AM Presence.

I AM is the name of God in us. When you say “I AM” it really means “God in me is”. And when you give your violet flame prayer,

“I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires,”

you are also saying, “God in me is a being of violet fire, God in me is the purity God desires.”Let’s say it again, three times.


ACTIVITY 3: Treatment Chart
Take a piece of paper and fold it into two columns. On the top of one column write “From Others”.On the top of the other column write “To Others”.Now, think about your life in the past week to a month. Make a log of how you have been treated and how you have treated others around you. Make a heart if you have been treated well or a black circle if you have been ill-treated and write the name of the person. You can pray about this and ask God to help you resolve situations where you are not being treated well, or where you have a habit of not treating someone else well.


ACTIVITY 4: Sound Experiment
Play loud classical music with brass and/or base on a boom box. Have everyone hold a piece of paper near the player. Can you feel it vibrate? You can’t see the sound, but does that mean it doesn’t affect you? It takes energy to create a sound wave vibration. Our words have vibration and they do affect everything around us.


Activity 5: Color Drawing
Draw, paint or color the throat energy center in blue.