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For PreTeens and Teens Ages 10 to 18 – Your Seven Energy Centers

Lesson 6, “The Throat Energy Center”

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Throat Energy Center

Your Throat
The energy center at the throat is your power center. Energy gathers there for you to communicate what is in your mind and heart. It gives you the ability to organize and make things happen. You have personal power when you use the energy of your throat to fulfill your goals and dreams.


The closer you are to God, the more your words will influence people and situations for the better. When you say prayers and positive things, the words you say will carry God’s light. You can use this energy at the throat center to uplift people and situations.


When you speak clearly and confidently, people will listen and find guidance. Jesus taught: “By thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned (judged.)”


Crown Buddha with folded hands
Buddhism considers right speech as one of the facets of the Eightfold Path of spiritual growth. Our words are more potent than we may realize. The Buddha also taught that one should either speak the truth or be silent.




This energy of the spoken word can also be used to criticize or condemn others, to swear or get into a rage. We live in a culture where many people swear all of the time. Swearing and cursing cause heavy burdens to be placed on the person on the receiving end and it leaves a burden on the person doing the cursing as well.


Non-stop chattering is another misuse of God’s energies. The actions of cursing or chatter take God’s power within you, misuse it and waste it. Then you don’t have the power you need for your goals and purposes. It is always your choice of how to use the power God has given you.


Another subtle misuse of the spoken word is exaggeration. If you really think about it, you can see that it is really a lie because it misrepresents the truth. Confucius taught that being honest and supporting those who are honest can raise up a nation.


A new way to look at your words is to realize that they reflect the inner workings of your heart and soul. What we choose to say and what we choose not to say affects us and all who hear us.


Misusing God’s energy in any of these ways creates a dark, heavy energy that impacts everyone and everything around. If you have ever had someone say something hurtful to you, the record of that hurt may remain in your subconscious or unconscious for a long time. Words can be very hurtful.


Sticks and stones
Remember the old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” You may have heard this when someone spoke unkindly or gossiped about you. But is this saying really true? Can words hurt?


Consider this story: Jillian and Sue heard that Melissa’s father had lost his job and their family had to go on welfare. The girls thought it was shameful. Before long they had told everyone they knew at school. These were all Melissa’s friends too. These friends continued to pass the story on to other people, misusing the energy of their throats by gossiping even more. Suddenly, everybody was putting Melissa down. She began to feel sick to her stomach and didn’t know why. What do you think happened?


Eventually, Melissa got sicker. She may have been affected by the energy of the gossip going around the school. Sometimes the energy of criticism and gossip actually makes a person ill, like Melissa, although she may not have even known what affected her.


Science of the Spoken Word book cover


Science of the Spoken Word
Back in 1925, C.W. Leadbetter wrote that each word as it is uttered makes a little form in etheric matter, just as a thought does in mental matter.As a rule of thumb, he says words associated with positive qualities are beautiful and words associated with negative qualities are ugly. He said he expected that some day this would be revealed scientifically.


To see how words can effect things (and people) look on-line at the discoveries of Masaru Emoto, a scientist from Japan. He tried an experiment where he wrote various words on bottles of water, such as love, thank you, hate and ugly. After these bottles were allowed to stand for awhile, they were then frozen.


After a short thawing period, the ice crystals were then studied under a microscope. The shapes were powerful examples of how kind and positive words produce beauty, and negative, ugly words produce ugly forms. Even though these words were written instead of spoken, the vibration is still the same. Your thoughts and words truly affect life in us and all around you.