10-18 Lesson 3 – Page 1

For PreTeens and Teens Ages 10 to 18 – Your Seven Energy Centers

Lesson 3 – “Second Energy Center: Seat of the Soul”


Seat of the Soul Energy Center

The seat-of-the-soul is your
spiritual center for the freedom
of your soul. Located along
your spine, a little below your
navel, it is the energy center
where your soul is connected
to your body.

Tai Chi Master
In martial arts this point is referred to as our point of equilibrium and the central focus of chi, the inner energy important for you sustain life in your body.

When God created you, he gave you a very special pattern for your life, unique and special for your soul. It is called your soul pattern. From your soul you can receivea deeper knowledge of who you really are and how to make the best decisions each day. You can also tune into inner direction and guidance about your career and mission.

You may have had a gut feeling, a strong feeling that something is right or not right for you. The more your soul is in touch with your spiritual nature, your own God Presence, called the I AM Presence, shown in the chart in the first lesson and shown below, the more sensitive and accurate these feelings will be.

Chart of Your Divine Self

Have you ever considered that we all wear masks? We are not always showing people who we really are. Parts of your personality reflect your true self and some do not. Sometimes we do not want to admit, even to ourselves, some parts of our personal mask.
Two theatre masks

Have you ever felt that in some way you were doing or saying things that were self-defeating? There was a cartoon character named Pogo by cartoonist Walt Kelly. Your parents might remember him. In one famous comic strip Pogo said, We have met the enemy-and he is us! Kelly was making a play on the famous words of Commodore Oliver H. Perry at the battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812 when he said, We have met the enemy and he is ours. What do you think this means?

What we all want to remember is that the mask we show others is not always our real self.

Your real self includes the flame in your heart, the records and memories of your own soul’s journey through the centuries, your connection to God and the actions that reflect that connection.

When you find those parts of yourself that do not represent your higher self and your soul pattern, you can let go of them. You can affirm your being in God.

Questions for Thought and Discussion:

1. How can you find your own true soul freedom and express who you really are?
2.  What are some gifts and talents that you feel God wants you to express?
3.  How does your soul let you know about what is right to do?