10-18 Aura – Lesson 2 – Page 2


ACTIVITY 1: Prayer from India
When you pray or sing to the Divine Mother, you receive more light and pure energy in the base-of-the-spine chakra. You can learn a simple prayer from India that honors the Divine Mother.
Om Ma Ta, Shri Ma Ta
Om Shri Ma Ta, Durga Ma
(Repeat this several times)
ACTIVITY 2: Archangel Michael
God’s angels protect us and influence how we use the energy God gives to us. One special angel is called Archangel Michael. People the world over pray to him. So can you!

Archangel Michael
Lord Michael before,
Lord Michael behind,

Lord Michael to the right,

Lord Michael to the left,

Lord Michael above,
Lord Michael below,

Lord Michael, Lord Michael,
Wherever I go!

I AM his love protecting here,
I AM his love protecting here,

I AM his love protecting here!

Activity 3: Caring for Plants and Animals

Try taking care of plants and animals. It can increase your sensitivity to life.
Bring a potted plant into your room and care for it, or plant a garden in your yard. Watch to see when plants need water and sunlight.
If you have a pet, get more involved in caring for it each and every day.

Activity 4: Color Drawing
Draw, paint or color the base-of-the-spine energy center white.

Diagram of the Base of the Spine energy center