10-18 Aura Lesson 2 – Page 1

For PreTeens and Teens Ages 10 to 18 –

Your Seven Energy Centers

Lesson 2, “First Energy Center: Base of the Spine”

Base of the Spine Chakra
Base of the Spine Energy Center

We are going to explore the first energy center, the base-of-the-spine that is located exactly where it says. It is pure white with four petals and is the foundation of your wholeness, spiritually and physically. This is the light you use in planning, striving for excellence and in bringing out your inner genius.

The light from God that is focused in the base-of-the-spine chakra is the mother aspect of God, sometimes called the Divine Mother. You have the light of the father and mother inside of you, whether you are male or female. In simple terms, the spiritual universe is the father aspect of God while the material universe is the mother aspect of God and you have both a body and a spirit.

The mother energy represents caring, teaching and comforting. The mother energy in us is the part of us that is sensitive, supportive and nurturing toward life — our own life or someone else’s. It represents the life force that keeps us alive, physically and spiritually. How we use this energy determines whether we can have this energy of God in all of the rest of our energy centers. It is God’s energy that establishes our physical body, for without that we cannot make spiritual progress on earth.

Two boys playing soccer on green field
Boys Playing Soccer

Every moment of every day, you receive God’s energy and decide how to use it.  When you use God’s energy wisely you grow closer to him.  When you misuse his energy you grow farther away from Him and from your own Higher Self. Using God’s energy in a pure way also means watching what you do with your body.

Are you caring and nurturing to your body?

  • Do you give your body the nutrition and rest and exercise that you need so you can do what your Higher Self has planned for you?
  • Do you take in things that could harm your body and your brain, like drugs, alcohol, excess sugar or tobacco?
  • Are you careful to put into your mind things that draw you closer to God?
  • Do you look at pictures or movies that take you away from thoughts of purity?

Your relationships can nurture or detract from your sense of wholeness and purity.

  • Have you ever had a relationship with someone that was not good for you–where you found yourself thinking things or doing things that didn’t reflect the real you?

Sometimes we put so much energy into keeping a friend that we lose sight of our relationship with God. It is especially a problem if that friend encourages us to do things we know are not right for us and we get involved in activities where we lose the light of our energy centers.

You always have a choice. Life is made of decisions — all of the time! Always remember that you are beautiful and special to God and that he is constantly sending to you His light and love through all of your energy centers. It is up to you how you will use it.

The more you master the energies at the base of the spine, the more you will let go of attachment to outer things and your spiritual life will deepen. You will begin to recognize qualities of heart in people more than thinking about how they look.

Questions for Thought and Discussion:

  • What do you know about the energy center of the base-of-the-spine? What does it do? How can you use the energy?
  • Are there things in your life that are keeping you from feeling pure, spiritually?  Are there temptations to your living a life that is pure and healthy?
  • What are some of the challenges you face in making spirituality practical in your life?
  • Think about your friends. Are any friends taking you away from God instead of closer to God?