The Freedom of the Child: Discovering the Inner Creative Self


There is a child inside all of us.
We need to understand ourselves.”

–   Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Announcing an inspiring new album for parents, teachers and all whose lives touch children.

My 2 year old has great singing talent–and she has never had a singing lesson! Where does this gift come from and how can I support her development?

My 13 year old son is yearning for more meaning in his life and, at the same time, is pulling away from us.  How can we meet his inner needs and best help him navigate through these teen years?

I notice my 7 year old is more sensitive and developing very creative ideas.  How can I encourage this, yet somehow keep her grounded in day-to-day responsibilities?

As a parent of a 19 year old, I am finding that my inner world seems confusing and the ways I used to connect with my teen are not working. It’s very difficult.  Any ideas?

Answers to these and many more questions are explored in these inspiring lectures from Elizabeth Clare Prophet.   With great insight and love, she lays out the path of the freedom of the child  through each stage of development.

You will learn practical and time-tested keys for raising joyful and compassionate children in today’s world:

    • Raise children to discover the inner, creative Christ
    • Nurture the child’s natural enthusiasm and innocence
    • Deepen the love for the child — and your own inner child
    • Encourage self-mastery and a path of service
    • Chart stages of development on the cosmic clock to understand child behaviors
  • Understand the true role of mother and father

Whether parenting a child or your own inner child, you can participate in the ongoing development of the child of your own heart.

“It is through the mother and the father that the child discovers his own Higher Self, and from the moment of birth the child sees the father and mother as his own Higher Self.” Freedom of the Child