What is Telepathy?


 What Is Telepathy?

Telepathy is the direct unspoken communication from one mind, or one soul, to another.

We all have most likely experienced telepathy knowingly or unknowingly. Like those times when you sense that you will hear from a friend and sure enough the phone rings and it is the very one whose name just popped into your mind. Parents, especially mothers, seem to have a highly developed soul sense of telepathy. Think of all those times when you knew your child needed help or was trying to contact you or wanted to tell you something even though they didn’t say anything. It is important to pay attention to these feelings and act appropriately on them.

Every individual has the ability to use telepathy.  By being  more attuned to it,  one can strengthen this spiritual gift.  It is called  the “sixth sense” by some people.

How can parents assist in the development of telepathy in their children?

Teach your children about telepathy and encourage them to use it.  It is a valuable tool for living and deepening one’s spirituality.  It it a blessing for anyone who is willing to enhance their individual intuitive abilities.

Start with Protection

When communicating telepathically to your child, remember to pray for spiritual protection so that the communication is sealed from any psychic influence. When participating in these activities, it is important that you always form an image at the point of the third eye Archangel Michaeland send the image through the crystal cord and let your Holy Christ Self send this image to your child’s Holy Christ Self, and then, down to your child’s third-eye chakra. (See image above.)

Practice Meditation

As stated in the podcast in the previous article, meditation is a key to accessing the right brain for strengthening the spiritual senses. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, gave us teachings on the importance of meditation for a child, especially before and after naps or night time sleep. She gave examples of mobiles with pure thoughtforms that parents can hang above the crib for the child to focus on. She suggested mobiles of pure geometric shapes, sun and stars or one of ascended masters pictures.

Here is an excerpt about Himalaya from the book Excerpt from The Masters and Their Retreats by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Himalaya is the manu of the fourth root race. He is also the hierarch of the Retreat of the Blue Lotus in the Himalayan mountains, guardian of the ray of the masculine aspect of the Godhead focused directly from the heart of Alpha. The gentle radiance of Himalaya can be felt throughout the East as a tangible presence drawing the pilgrims of all nations into a divine awareness of the flame of the blue lotus.

Himalaya is a Master of masters. His pupils have been Lord Gautama, Lord Maitreya, El Morya, Kuthumi and thousands of others. He teaches meditation while in the lotus posture. Those who are privileged to sit at his feet must learn to blend their consciousness with his, and as their pulse becomes one with the rhythm of his threefold flame, they receive the ideations of his mind, although never a word is spoken.

Those who master the art of telepathy always leave the Blue Lotus Temple with hearts full and with a blue-lotus-imagemantra that is the key to the unfoldment of their divine plan.

The tangible radiance of Lord Himalaya appears as golden snow; his great devotion to the flame of the Christ in the masses of Asia has kept the Ganges purified as a healing focus for centuries. Likewise, in the mountains bearing his name, he has anchored magnetic poles of the Christ consciousness.

How beautiful it is to think that your child could visit this magnificent retreat when sleeping at night and leave with the mantra that is key to the unfoldment of their divine plan.

Himalaya says, “The quietness of the Buddha, the listening of the Christ—this is the power of God. The Great Silence is the power, the tenderness of the flowers, the new babe and those making the transition to all light. Learn of power, beloved, and learn of me. Learn of the wonder of God and the miracle of grace. Learn of the entering in to the Temple of the Blue Lotus. Learn, then, of the assimilation of that cobalt blue in all of the chakras. Learn the stillness of the eye of the hurricane and the eye of God. Learn the majesty of the peace that establishes the light of the heart.” Lord Himalaya, “Your Love Is the Essence of Yourself,” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 34, no. 5, February 3, 1991.

snowy HimalayasConsider hanging  a mobile with pictures of the Himalayan mountains, the blue lotus, Gautama Buddha, El Morya, Kuthumi and other masters above your child’s bed during the period when you are practicing telepathy activities with him.

For instructions on how to make a mobile click here.

Play Interactive Right Brain Games with Your Children

In the book Inner-Active Learning through Right Brain Education/  you will find several activities that you can enjoy with your child to develop this spiritual sense of telepathy.

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