Premonition is the Gift of Prophecy


What do the teachings of the Ascended Masters say about it?

Premonition is prior notice of future events. Mrs. Prophet has identified it as the gift of prophecy whereby the etheric blueprint of an imminent occurrence is seen in the etheric dimension before it happens.

We can empower our children with the knowledge that although they may be able to perceive things to come, they have the spiritual tools to mitigate prophecy through faith, prayer, decrees and good works.

 Mrs. Prophet explains:

mother    “A child may know and tell you that there is going to be this terrible calamity on such and such a day. Now, we have the opportunity to teach the child how to make prophecy fail, which is our mission. You can say, “So, Johnny, if you see this, what are we going to do about it? Are we going to let it happen, or are we going to call for the angels and the violet flame, do Astreas, and see if we can make this stop? Let’s see if we can make it not happen!”1

Many activities to practice this gift of prophecy are listed in Chapter 5 in the book, Inner-Active Learning through Right Brain Education. In addition to doing these activities with your children, encouragepremonition them to listen to their inner voice. This is the voice of conscience or that of their Holy Christ Self. It is through the Holy Christ Self that they will strengthen their soul senses.

The Inner Voice

In an interview in which Mrs. Prophet is asked about the inner voice, she replied:

“Well, the wonderful thing about the inner voice which men call conscience is that it is living proof that God as a person, namely the Christ Self, does live within us.  Someone is speaking to us.  It is the inner voice of God, but it is the voice of God as his Son who is come down to us to overshadow us and to lead us back to our true reality.  So I think it’s a wonderful habit to instill in children and in ourselves to be listening for the inner voice. 2

   Naya Nuki: Shoshoni Girl Who Ran  NayaNukiCDCover

Naya Nuki: Shoshoni Girl Who Ran, a book that is enjoyed by elementary students, contains a story that illustrates an example of the inner voice.  Naya Nuki was Sacajawea’s cousin.  Both of them had been kidnapped by an enemy tribe and taken a thousand miles from their home.  From the moment that Naya Nuki was taken as a prisoner, she began to prepare for her escape.  Eventually, the time came.  However, on her journey back home, she encountered many dangerous challenges.  Below is a passage from the book about one of the dangers she faced while traveling at night in total darkness.

“Suddenly Naya Nuki felt great fear come over her. She could not see anything, or hear or smell anything different. Something else told her that great danger was near….

“Naya Nuki remained in the spot where she stood, realizing the danger of continuing. She dug a shallow trench, rolled herself in the buffalo hide, and let the heavy snow cover her. A foot of snow fell before the wind finally let up and the snow stopped falling. Naya Nuki stayed in her snow-covered cocoon. Dawn was only an hour away.

“When daylight came, Naya Nuki crawled out of her warm bed and stood to look around. It was then that she trembled at the sight before her. Only a few feet away the land dropped sharply to the great river below. Naya Nuki had stopped on the edge of a two-hundred-foot bluff carved by erosion….

“Naya Nuki thanked the Great Spirit for being with her and causing her to stop in time.”3


You can see how this story would capture the attention of an elementary-aged child.  Whenever you read this portion of the book to a child , you may consider stopping  and following  up with such questions as:

  • Who was the voice of the Great Spirit who spoke to Naya Nuki? – Her Inner Voice or Christ Self!
  • What did Naya Nuki do when she realized she had been saved? – Thanked the Great Spirit!
  • Besides hearing this voice, what did Naya Nuki do to save her life? – She obeyed the voice!

This is an important point to emphasize to children.  Many people hear the inner voice, but either don’t believe it is the voice of their Christ Self, or don’t obey it.  This is a good time to have children share their own stories of when they might have heard their own inner voice and discuss how they recognized it.  For, when they can begin to describe how they heard this inner voice, they will be able to more easily recognize it and obey it.

Mrs. Prophet continued in the interview:

“That voice is very distinct, and I think all of us know what is the true voice of God in us.  The contact with that Person is a sublime experience in life because the heavenly companion is always with us and gives us unerring guidance.  As we are obedient to the voice, then God speaks to us more freely.  The more we obey, the more we receive the next steps on the Path.  I think it’s wonderful to know that in time of danger or wrong decision, not only is there the inner voice, but there are guardian angels who surround us and also guide us.  I have felt the presence of Archangel Michael VioletFlamespowerfully guard and prevent me from both danger and wrong action.  And I know that all can have this care if there is the development of this which we’re speaking of as communion and the enhancing of communion through the violet flame.”

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1. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “Comments on Right Brain Education.”

2. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, January 29, 1982, Interview at Summit University.

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