Developing Communion with the Inner Voice


The innocence of the child makes the child capable of having the inner sense.”   ~Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Children are more likely to be attuned to their intuitive senses than adults.

As parents, it is important to allow your children to experience their sensitivities and listen to their stories, without judgment or ridicule.

What are some activities that you  can do with your children to help them develop their right brain?  rightbraincoverPlay the fun games described in this book, “Inner-Active Learning through Right Brain Education.”  The activities in the book are for all ages  –  from infant to adults. The games are practical and easy to adjust for any age.

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In the previous article we discussed the importance of learning to recognize the inner voice and obeying it.

In a dictation given by Beloved Nada Rayborn, she gave  the following instruction about activities that children can do to help them commune with that inner voice:

“Let the children rejoice in gymnastics, in physical development, in the healing and expanding of the mind that the mind might be the chalice of the Mind of God.

“Let children know at an early age that they can listen to the voice of the Inner Christ and commune with that Christ daily.  The beauty of the Montessori method is that it encourages this communion.  As you know, Maria Montessori recognized the inner Teacher, whom we call the Holy Christ Self.  By constant daily communion, little children are approaching the day and the hour when their souls will be bonded to the Sacred Heart of their own Holy Christ Self.  Is it not a beautiful thing to see the intuition of children and their sense of rightness or wrongness in a given situation?”

Parents can develop activities in their homes based on Montessori concepts. To read more about the sensitive periods, read our article in the parenting section: Montessori for Ages 3-6: Sensitive Periods.  

Absorbent Mind

We recommend reading Montessori’s book, The Absorbent Mind. To learn more about this book or to order go to: