Spiritual Psychology for Parents

SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY with Dr. Marilyn Barrick
Q : How can my husband and I give our children what they need when we both work long hours and the children are either in school or with a baby-sitter much of the time?
A : Even though many families find it necessary for both parents to work, they can still give their children love and support. It is the quality of time you do spend with your children that makes the difference. Let me ask you some questions:
Dr. Marilyn Barrick
Do you make it a point to take the time to listen with your heart and respond lovingly to your children when you are home? Do you spend family time together on the weekends? Do you and your husband show your love for your children physically–a touch on the shoulder, a loving hug, a kiss goodnight? Do you support your children when they make mistakes by letting them know you love them, hearing them out and helping them to find a way to rectify the situation? Do you pray with your children and tuck them into bed?
If so, it’s very likely that your children know you love them and feel nurtured. Attentive listening, kind words, physical affection, family fun times, loving discipline and helpfulness all show your children that you care. In one study, 1,500 school-age children were asked what they thought made a happy family. The most common answer was doing things together–even simple things like going for walks, riding bikes, popping corn, watching a movie and reading a book out loud.
Children need to express themselves and they need to be heard. They want to share their ideas, their feelings, their hopes, their dreams and their accomplishments with their parents. Sometimes simply turning off the television and talking about the day will be exactly what they need. If dinner is harmonious in your home, it’s also a great time to share. Whatever you choose, make sure everyone gets a turn sharing and receives love and appreciation in return.