6. Alchemy of the Heart – Lesson 6

10 Step Plan for working with Angels

Forgiving God

Overview of Lesson 6 for Children Ages 3 to 6

  • Sometimes we are angry with God but we do not even know it.
  • No matter what happens, we can thank God for what we do have
  • When we love someone, it is really the inner spirit that we love.
  • When we send out love, it comes back to us. When we send out anger, it comes back to us.
  • Just as we take a bath to wash our bodies, we can take a spiritual bath with violet flame light to wash out thoughts and feelings.


CHAPTER 3: Making Peace with God, Surrender to a Higher Love and Clearing the Heart


    • Prism or piece of cut crystal
    • Small clear bowl
    • 6-8 marbles
    • Molasses
    • Hot water and blue and red food coloring

Loving God

Have you ever been mad at God? Sometimes people are mad at God but they do not admit it, even to themselves. Sometimes very sad things happen. People lose someone they love, like a beloved grandma, a brother or sister, sometimes even a mother or father. Has anything like this ever happened to you or anyone you know?

People sometimes wonder; why did God let this happen to me? What happens to people is part of a very big plan for their souls. Each one of us has a choice when something difficult happens. We can accept that God has a plan for every soul or we can get angry and blame God or someone else. Sometimes people even blame themselves.

Being angry with God can make us act many ways. Sometimes it makes us feel angry at everyone. Sometimes it makes us get very quiet and not interested in things. Sometimes it makes us want to eat and sleep a lot.

If something bad happens to us or to someone we love, we can send love to everyone who feels hurt and try to thank God for what we have. Sometimes the soul has a lesson to learn from pain.

Story of Forgiving

One time there was a very big forest fire that burned down many of the houses and stores in a town in California. A man and his wife watched everything they owned go up in the flames. Instead of being angry about what they lost, they hugged each other and thanked God that they still had each other.


Take some time to think about this. If there are things you do not understand in your life and that make you feel angry, try talking to your parents about it. Try praying to God. Ask him to help you to understand and ask God to forgive you for being angry.

Activity 2: Clearing and Healing Your Heart

Visualize God’s love flowing into you like a waterfall of light.
As soon as you feel the energy of love coming into your heart,
smile and offer to do something for someone you love.

Giving Love

When you love someone, it is God in you loving God in the other person. When we send love from our heart, it is like shooting an arrow of love and kindness from our own heart to God’s heart.

When we help someone who is hard to love, someone who is being cranky or is not so nice to us, we know it is the right thing to do to help them. Why? Because they are part of God too and we are serving God when we serve them.

Activity 3: Rays of Light from a Prism

Hold a prism or crystal to the light. Can you see how the light makes a beautiful rainbow?  God’s light also divides into rainbow rays and each color of light has a different action. Can you notice the violet light?

People all over the world have seen this colored light and learned to use this flame. Its color makes us feel mercy and forgiveness. So if you are angry at someone, at yourself or even at God, this is the flame to pray to and to visualize.

Activity 4: Invoke the Violet Flame

The violet flame is the way we can change our feelings of being mad or sad or hurt into feelings of joy and gladness. It is a very powerful spiritual flame! Take a few minutes every day and do these simple prayers to the violet flame and see how it can change your life! You can actually clear away the darkness of whatever may be bothering you.

Affirmation #1

I AM a being a violet fire
I AM the purity God desires

Affirmation #2

Violet fire, thou love divine,
Blaze within this heart of mine!
Thou art mercy forever true,
Keep me always in tune with you!

Activity 5: Experiment to Melt Hardness of Heart

Take a clear bowl and put some marbles in the bottom. Put the bowl in a larger bowl, on a deep tray or in the sink. Pour a coating of sticky molasses over the marbles. This is how our heart gets when we have been angry or sad. It is covered with substance like molasses, and it hardens into what people call “hardness of heart.”

Mix blue and red food coloring in a large pan or pitcher (preferably clear) of hot water to create a violet liquid. Pour the hot water over the molasses-coated marbles as we say,

“I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires.”

When we visualize the violet flame and invoke it from God’s heart, it dissolves the darkness, just like this violet water dissolves the molasses.