23. Freedom to Realize a God Identity

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Family Designs for Golden Age is an inspiring and hopeful series that will help you bring your family back into a proper spiritual state, restoring joy and peace into your everyday family life.

The Whole Family
Restoring the Family’s Spiritual and Moral Compass.

Podcast 23. Freedom to Realize a God Identity

The Freedom to Realize a God Identity podcast is from the lecture, “Charting the Cycles of Your Family According to the Cosmic Clock,” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, from the Family Designs seminar.


* Birthday cycles by years
* Gestation through age four
* Yearly tests and opportunities
* Triangles of the Cosmic Clock
* Visualizing and decreeing with babies
* Understanding each member of your family


“If you understand each member of the  family having an identity that must be realized through the hierarchy under which he serves, you will give that individual the freedom to be what he is, to be what God made him.  You will not try to mold him after your sign or your tests or your personality.  You will study the clock and see that you must nourish as a father, as a mother, the Flame of Life as it is unfolding within the member of your family.”—Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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We believe that the relevant and timeless ascended master teachings imparted in the Family Designs for Golden Age podcast will transform your view of the family and karma, marriage, twin flames, soul mates and spiritual parenting.

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