15. Resurrection Mantra and Visualization

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Family Designs for Golden Age is an inspiring and hopeful series that will help you bring your family back into a proper spiritual state, restoring joy and peace into your everyday family life.

The Whole Family
Restoring the Family’s Spiritual and Moral Compass.

Podcast 15. Resurrection Mantra and Visualization

Resurrection Mantra and Visualization is from the Family Designs lecture: “Your Marriage Made on Earth,” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.


* A simple mantra to help raise your energies
* A visualization for energy rising
* A correlation between Egyptian pyramids and the resurrection flame
* Misuses of the sacred fire in charkas other than the base chakra
* Transfiguring Affirmations – mantras Jesus gave to his disciples for energy flow


“Remember the law of Life between Alpha and Omega—when we don’t have flow we have stagnation, and when we have stagnation we have decay, disintegration, and death.  So, to keep the flame of Life flowing through you, you need the flame of the resurrection.”—Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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We believe that the relevant and timeless ascended master teachings imparted in the Family Designs for Golden Age podcast will transform your view of the family and karma, marriage, twin flames, soul mates and spiritual parenting.

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