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We are a community of spiritual seekers dedicated to the path of higher consciousness and the affirming of each one’s personal Christhood.  The purpose of our website is to embrace families by providing spiritual resources through the teachings of the ascended masters and empowering parents to nurture the inner life of their children in the home.
Our hope is that this website will help transform your family life, enrich your community, and strengthen the family of God on earth. Come join us in learning more about developing your incredible spiritual potential at any age.
The Summit Lighthouse supports a home-centered spiritual culture.
The tapestry of life is woven primarily in the home. Culturally, the home is the place where spiritual beliefs and values are passed on from generation to generation. Let’s explore what the ascended masters and current research present on this subject.
What is the spiritual role of a family in a home-centered culture?
The family is the fundamental social unit of society and the foundation of civilization.  When the family is respected and valued, culture flourishes. Many consider that their most valuable possessions are the shared experiences and memories that link hearts together in a family.

 “The purpose of the family in our day and age is for man and woman to serve together as one–heart, head, and hand in the service of the Christ–to provide this fiery circle against the shocks of the world, to provide the cradle for incoming souls or incoming ideas for creative genius.”  

                           – Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Family Designs in the Golden Age seminar

In today’s world, family life is being challenged in many ways. As an organization, we are determined to come along side the parents and support their role in nurturing the spiritual life of their children.
What is the role of our organization in a home-centered spiritual culture?
The organization is partnering with parents, ministers and members to establish the home as the primary place for spiritual development. We are becoming proactive in training parents and other adults in their roles and providing resources to help them.

  • Be empowered through the ascended masters teachings about parenting, families, children and youth.
  • Be inspired to nurture deeper spiritual connections and meaningful relationships in your home and in your worldwide community.

We consider this question in our planning: Is this activity fundamentally supportive of the home-centered spiritual culture?
Though Pastor Rob Rienow is not involved in The Summit Lighthouse organization,  we found his inspiring online video. It shows Pastor Rob  sharing his experiences and beliefs on the importance of family and the home-centered concept.


The Summit Lighthouse Resources for Your Family 

  • How to Spiritualize Your Home Click here
  • Educating parents to be the primary nurturers of their children’s spiritual development – listen to Family Designs TSL podcasts    
  • 4 Difference Makers  for Your Family, Download:Four Difference Makers
  • Interactive Family Book Study
  • Tool Kit of the stages of spiritual development of children Download: Stages
  • Heart-to-heart connections and collaboration. Email –  familyandyouth@tsl.org
  • Having a Sunday Service that welcomes families with a children’s story
  • Service projects for members of all ages – Download: ServiceProjectManual
  • Offering Sunday school lessons and day camps with a take-home resource for parents. Download: Hand out Easter Class 2015
  • Educating parents and community members about fostering this culture through Summit University online course Foundations of a Home-Centered Spiritual Culture
  •  retreats for teens and young adults
  • Children love science. These experiments use experiments to teach basic spiritual concepts about sound

Parent Contribution:
Parents have a significant impact on who their children turn out to be. When it comes to spiritual matters, parents have a greater influence on their children than the church. This is a very important idea because researchers contend that by the age of thirteen, the moral, spiritual and relational foundations of youth are established (cont…)

Research on Spiritual Maturity:
The following graph indicates that the parents involvement with their children has a direct impact on the child’s spiritual development. To better understand the research done on this topic, visit Christian Schools International and read the “Nurturing Faith” blog.

Results of the REVEAL Survey


TSL VIDEO resources:


The Summit Lighthouse has published the following resources for your use. You can order any of the books, mp3 albums and religious curriculums for children at the Summit Lighthouse Bookstore.

Freedom of the Child         Purchase the Family Designs cd        Education of the Heart

rightbraincover          chohans of 7 rays  decree book

Nurturing Your Baby’s SoulYour Ultimate Destiny (I am Light # 7)Confirmation Candidate Booklet: Come, Holy Spirit, Enlighten Education in the Age of Aquarius (plus liner note card)